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There are thousands of CBD manufacturers in the U.S. alone, not to mention Canada, Europe and all the rest of the world where hemp-based ingredients and products are legal to possess and produce. But how does one choose the right company that produces the best and most effective CBD delivery system? What would that look like? More important, what would that taste like? Should I be prepared to eat/drink a mouthful of sticky, stinky minced up weed to get the important and beneficial ingredients into my body?

Which is the best way to ingest CBD? Beverages? Capsules? Gummies? Tinctures?  How can I be sure of what I’m putting into my body? How will my body digest and react to each? Which will give me the wellness or benefit I really want from hemp-based products without making me gag?

All these are great questions to ask yourself but it seems true answers may be harder to find than we think.

Just like trying to figure out which iPhone features will work best for you, the need to narrow down the many alternatives and simplify the process will show you the answers to the most important questions and so it is so with CBD. Let’s dive right in!

The Challenges of Legacy CBD Products

Most CBD delivery systems are still using a 100-year-old technology called cannabis oil. This functional product can indeed deliver the cannabinoids your body wants, but at what cost?

Cannabis oil looks, smells, and tastes awful, a side effect of producing CBD in a liquid form that is hard to work with, has the viscosity of motor oil and sticks like glue to just about any surface. Most CBD manufacturers are constantly seeking better ways to cover up the taste, smell, and consistency so that consumers can manage to get it down their throats.

Jack up the sugar, add this strong flavor and that flavor enhancer to cover the weedy taste.

Emulsify the cannabis oil with a litany of chemicals to solidify it to make it easier to work with and not gummy up every device used to produce it and to get a better chew.

Cover the obnoxious odor with a plethora of contrived aromatics. Virtually anything and everything used by manufacturers is designed to cover the cannabis oil drawbacks to make the product palatable.

Welcome to 2022! Now you’ve leap-frogged forward from the past as much as the internet and iPhone duo has replaced every phone, radio, TV, library and more than ever came before it and then some!

Today’s modern CBD delivery systems are unrivaled and have jetted past all the previous versions and looks, tastes, and acts much different than any that came before, and then some!

One innovative CBD and hemp-centric firm stepped up to take on these challenges head on. Hemp Synergistics is a biotechnology company with a first-class laboratory and manufacturing center for CBD and hemp-related products and ingredients. This company broke the mold for CBD manufacturers by creating the best possible CBD delivery system on the planet and named it Bio-Dri™.

Look at how patent-pending Bio-Dri™ addresses these FIVE nearly impossible challenges:

Cannabis oil

Cannabis oil

Cannabis oil has very real issues with taste, heat, purity, chemicals, and consistency.

  1. Bio-Dri™ is taste neutral, odorless and leaves no residue, the perfect vehicle for oral medication.

Making cannabis oil water soluble consists of emulsifying the liquid using up to 8 chemicals.

  1. All-natural Bio-Dri™ utilizes just three ingredients and completely suspends in water

Cannabis oil can degrade and tends to go rancid quickly.

  1. Bio-Dri™ maintains a uniform appearance and has an admirable shelf life of up to two years

Cannabis oil manufacturers have real difficulties delivering specific amounts of cannabinoids like CBD while also keeping THC levels within the legal threshold with guaranteed accuracy.

  1. Bio-Dri™ delivers precise measured amounts of every cannabinoid with  low to zero THC. This delivery system is designed to protect manufacturers and consumers alike with specified results every time

Cannabis oil is a poor delivery system due to a human body designed to defend itself against harmful substances by literally destroying nearly 90% or more of beneficial cannabinoids.

  1. Bio-Dri™ provides a superior form of delivery which helps to avoid First Pass metabolism. Instead of the traditional cannabis oil “sledgehammer” effect of trying to force substantial amounts of cannabinoids through the human digestive system, Bio-Dri™ uses a pioneering “Trojan Horse” effect to cleverly misdirect the body into thinking the consumer ingested a potato-like food that has an absorption rate exceeding 90%, a huge leap in efficacy by a CBD delivery system unmatched in the industry today.


Award Winning Intelligent Hemp Technology delivered by Hemp Synergistics

Bio-Dri™ CBD Powder Ingredient

The revolutionary Bio-Dri™ CBD powder is powerful evidence of Intelligent Hemp Technology in action.

As a result of their outstanding success in creating Bio-Dri™, Hemp Synergistics is acknowledged by scientists, researchers, customers, consumers, international cannabis advocates and even the competition as being one of the most advanced cannabis biotechnology companies in the entire cannabis industry today because of their use of revolutionary Intelligent hemp technology.

Hemp Synergistics’ Bio-Dri™ CBD delivery systems have changed the face (and taste) of CBD forever!

Interested in knowing more about Bio-Dri™ CBD powder? https://hempsynergistics.com/bio-dri-broad-spectrum-powder/

Recently Hemp Synergistics has been recognized for these massive contributions to the hemp industry. Read about their big win of the Best Intelligent Hemp Technology Award:

Hemp Synergistics Wins Global Award