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Hemp Synergistics is a biotechnology company providing the highest quality, custom formulated, THC-free cannabinoid solutions. At Hemp Synergistics we stand for science, solutions and quality. Hemp Synergistics executive leaders are veterans of forensic controlled substance testing and regulatory compliance, from numerous Department of Health and Environmental Protection agencies. Our team has extensive experience in regulatory testing, laboratory management, business development, supply chain, marketing, sales and operations.


We offer complete start to finish solutions for your hemp needs including:


  • THC-free distillation and remediation services
  • THC-free distillate for wholesale
  • High quality consumer products for wholesale and retail
  • Product development and branding services for cannabinoid products
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The Hemp Synergistics Team

Daniel Kohler

Chief Executive Officer

Ron Fazio

Chief Operating Officer

Russ Cersosimo

Chief Marketing Officer

Allison Bentley

VP of Sales, Marketing & Merchandising

Mark Mangieri

Director of Sales & Product Development

Danielle Coluccio

Formulation Chemist

Johnny McFadden

Digital Communications Manager

Here at Hemp Synergistics, we believe that hemp products, such as cannabidiol, or CBD, are useful, necessary and desirable for many applications, but only if they meet strict standards.

The 2018 Farm Bill once again allowed for the growing of hemp – as long as the THC level is below 0.3%. 

Hemp, a species of cannabis, is now legal to grow in the United States with the signing of the Farm Bill of 2018. This is great news for scientists who want to study it, and for manufacturers who want to use the various compounds extracted from hemp as ingredients in their products.

This great news also means that a lot of people have started growing hemp and extracting the desired compounds such as CBD oil, CBD isolates, and terpenes, and marketing them to manufacturers. Without much regulation or oversight, the result may be a product containing unknown ingredients or higher levels of THC than allowed by law, in addition to heavy metals and other undesirable minerals that hemp picks up from the soil in which it is grown.

One of the more important standards is the level of THC in the CBD products extracted and formulated from industrial hemp. The extraction and formulation processes get rid of the parts of the hemp plant that don’t contain the relevant ingredients, which often results in higher THC levels in the final products. Our rigorous lab procedures remove the extra THC from the formulations that we create for you, meaning our product will be Farm Bill compliant.

Our third party testing sets the standard for transparency, so you know exactly what you are purchasing.  Don’t leave your ingredients to chance. We look forward to helping you serve your customers.

Customer Testimonials

What They’re Saying About Us

We had never considered the possible applications of CBD in our snack food business until we met Ron Fazio of Hemp Synergistics. Ron demystified the world of CBD for us and made us aware of a host of viable options available for our business to get involved with CBD. His knowledge of CBD, related products and pros/cons of all of the different derivatives opened our eyes to opportunities that we were completely unaware of. Ron also provided us with sound guidance related to the ethical and legal ramifications of the various CBD-related options we were considering and this provided us with considerable peace of mind that we were going down the right path for our company.

Karl BrownOwner, Pretzel Company, Inc