Concentration is Key

Bio-Dri® is a patented powderization process that turns oil into powder via molecular encapsulation.

Bio-Dri® (Patent No. 11,752,185) is a patented cannabinoid powder with 50% cannabinoids by weight. Using only 100% all-natural and 100% vegan ingredients, the free flowing, concentrated nature of Bio-Dri® provides a solution for food, beverage, and supplement manufacturers to create cannabinoid containing products without having to deal with the headaches related to working with bitter and viscous oils.

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Bio-Dri® uses long-chain glucose polymers to fully encapsulate each hemp oil droplet, protecting the customer’s investment from destructive stomach acids and delivering a 100% intact molecule ready for absorption by the small intestines.

Dilution is Bad

Most other cannabis and hemp powders have a maximum cannabinoid concentration of 10%. This low concentration leaves little room for supporting ingredients. Our patented manufacturing process not only delivers superior absorption capabilities, but also gives you the freedom to flex your formulating muscles.

Flexibility is Good

Bio-Dri® comes in cannabinoid concentrations ranging from 18% to 50% to fit any encapsulation project. Our free-flowing powder will pair well with the most troublesomely hydrophilic ingredients, further expanding your formulation possibilities.

Why Bio-Dri® is the better option

- Bio-Dri® achieves 50% concentration
- Bio-Dri® tastes better than the competition
- Bio-Dri® is 100% natural and vegan
- Bio-Dri® increases bioavailability
- Bio-Dri® is clean label approved

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