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Recently Hemp Synergistics published an article about “Clean Label” products that poses the question about what ingredients might be found on a clean label and the philosophy behind Clean Label 2.0.

The ingredient label for a clean label product is supposed to contain ingredients consumers might find in their grandmother’s cupboard or found in the family garden. Simple ingredients without artificial colors or flavors or additives not found in nature that will make for more all-natural products.

The last few years has seen consumers shifting their priorities towards more healthy and natural ingredients and we applaud this evolving definition as it reflects our own ideals for pure, safe, quality foods for ourselves and our families.  We are in fact in agreement with many of these changes and simplifications of formulas.

While we believe providing the best, clean, pure, safe, and quality style of CBD and other cannabinoids, some caution needs to be used when defining products.  Hemp Synergistics team works diligently to provide what we believe are the best hemp-based products on the planet and continually search for new outstanding ingredients and products to meet these new criteria as closely as possible.

What’s in a Name?

Our article noted “Clean Labels have roots in the distrust of synthetic food ingredients and additives with unpronounceable names. A great portion of these components have been safely used for decades and have identifiable benefits.” This is very true, and we are counseling caution when referring to names of beneficial ingredients that have proved themselves time and again.

Many of these scientific sounding ingredients have been safely used for decades and have identifiable benefits. Potassium sorbate, citric acid, sodium chloride are samples of benign preservatives, noted in the food industry for their safety and effectiveness. Although not technically all-natural or vegan, they have been used with great success over many years and offer benefits that simply cannot be found in nature’s ingredient pool.

As a result of this type of consumer demand, intelligent producers are reformulating foods to clean up their labels. At Hemp Synergistics we feel that a commonsense view of “clean labels” is appropriate and the advice of our grandmother when she said, “Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater!”.

Hemp Synergistics produces all natural ingredients and products as we believe in purity, quality, and safety for not only our customers but also ourselves and our families as we all use our own products for pain control, wellness factors and the boosting properties.

The Future of Clean Labels

The Future of Clean Label?

What is a Clean Label Ingredient?The future is a subjective word, it can describe something coming next week or a hundred years from now. The consensus is that clean label is not a passing fad, but rather will eventually become the standard over some years. As it is an evolving definition, we can’t be sure exactly what it may include or exclude however what is definite is that at some time it should become adopted by not only the cannabis field but by every other field that includes food or food additives or supplements.

We at Hemp Synergistics applaud taking this direction towards all-natural ingredients, those without chemicals that may cause sensitivity or harm, as better for the human body.  However, we also caution that the process should be progressive while examining each for both unique benefits and negative aspects. We think those “additives” that are both helpful to the consumer and do no harm should be permitted to continue and be recognized as healthful ingredients.

Clean Label 2.0

What is a Clean Label Ingredient?

One other perspective to add is that of “Clean Label 2.0”. This is a philosophy versus a factual ingredient label. It refers to the founding sentiments for any firm, their abilities to differentiate themselves from the competition by virtue of their founding principles and guiding ideas.

A company started with the ideals of social equity, fairness to customers, competition, and the industry itself should be recognized for the value they bring and the wholesomeness of those principles and what they contribute positively to the cannabis space.

There is no doubt that the thousands of cannabis-based firms have been steadily contracting over the past few years and stronger, improved companies have developed as a result. We anticipate that this trend will continue until just a few giants remain, each well entrenched within the field. Our hope is that the founding principles continue their “clean label” ascension and contribute to the overall health and wellness of consumers and the industry as well.

Tell Us: What Do You Think?

Is it Healthy?

We’ve expressed our feelings about clean labels, so now it’s your turn! Tell us what you think! We’d encourage not only industry insiders but also invite the public to continue the conversation about this very important subject. Clean labels will become more and more visible, so now is the time to understand this approach in depth and converse about their impact on the cannabis market.