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Hemp Synergistics’ Latest Achievement: The Remarkable Story of Cannabis-Based Derma Terra

By April 5th, 2022No Comments

The Derma Terra Story

The Challenge

Our perception of plastic surgery has vastly changed in the past 30 years. No longer just a playground for the rich to look better and younger, modern clinics are truly helping ordinary people who have suffered disfiguring injury, disease and abnormalities such as cleft palates, moles and birthmarks, improving their lives immensely. Reconstructive treatments are now more affordable than ever and available to virtually everyone.

Patient Care Coordinators are the face of the franchise who more often interact with customers than any other staff members. They help take the load off doctors by combining administrative and medical knowledge. These critical staff members listen to patients needs and concerns, provide patient education, assist with their care, arrange therapeutic treatment plans and much more.

Top Patient Care Coordinators recognized 3 very real pre-operative concerns of their patients:

  • Proper nutrition
  • Physical preparation
  • Mental preparation

Doctors and their staff instruct patients to cut down on snacks, eat heathy, follow proper exercise, get sufficient rest and sleep in the period leading up to their procedures. Naturally many patients are also nervous and apprehensive about upcoming surgery and doctors can often struggle with how to cope with this preparation and keep their patients calm at the same time.

Recommended or prescribed drugs or remedies are either too weak and ineffective (ibuprofen) or cause drowsiness (sleeping pills) or are too strong (tranquilizer) or even dangerous or addictive (opioids). Some patients even resort to using unprescribed drugs or alcohol with mind altering effects that actually deter proper preparation and quick recovery.

Top Patient Care Coordinators also recognize 5 post-operative concerns:

  • Control of bleeding
  • Pain management
  • Minimalization of scarring
  • Quick recovery
  • Cool, Calm and Collected

Some post-operative patients described excess bleeding that concerned and even scared them. Doctors and staff tried a variety of mostly pharmaceutical remedies to help control bleeding but couldn’t seem to find just the right balance of chemicals and inert ingredients that served all patients equally well.

Most post-operative patients reported mild to severe pain and looked towards their surgeons for help. Pharmaceuticals seemed to hold the answer but again the recommended or prescribed drugs and remedies were either too weak or too strong or too dangerous.

Scars left by these procedures often take excessive time to heal or sometimes never completely heal. Proper cleansing, inflammation control and healing remedies are the key. Creams, balms and other therapy were tried with some success but sometimes left much to be desired. Pharmaceuticals were again called upon but many fell short of the objective of eliminating scars altogether.

Rapid recovery has always been the goal of plastic surgeons and their staff. Proper preparation, good surgical techniques and sufficient rest have always been most effective but even the most prepared patients often endured recoveries that took much longer than expected and left some displeased.

The relative calmness of the patient often plays a large role in the speed and quality of the recovery. A patient that is nervous, worried and wanting fast healing can actually slow down the process.

Surgeons would have been very happy to use a human form of a dog cone to prevent itching, touching and infections however that is impractical as well as not very patient friendly!

So, while new technology and procedures have greatly improved the surgical procedures themselves, these plastic surgery offices were still using the same patient preparation and post-operative products as they had for decades. Clearly solutions are indispensable for each of these problems….

Pharmaceutical companies were just not providing what these patients really needed. Doctors and their staff realized that better, all natural and effective remedies would be the obvious solution.

But where could they turn for these viable solutions?

Research and Development

When a caring Patient Care Coordinator brought this conundrum to Hemp Synergistics, they hoped this cutting-edge medical hemp laboratory and their ultra-modern technological manufacturing facility would be able to solve these troubles by providing the best and least invasive new types of products.

These huge challenges were going to take real effort to solve, but they had chosen the proper group.

Hemp Synergistics has attracted some of the best and brightest scientific minds in the cannabis realm today. These professionals are not only drawn by having access to the most modern technology available but also by the freedom to explore the almost endless possibilities that hemp can provide.

The one factor they all have in common is the intense desire to help their fellow human beings.

Deep research revealed the strengths and weaknesses of existing treatments and products and it was apparent a total start-to-finish solution was needed and a total company-wide effort began.

The Research and Development group at Hemp Synergistics rose to the challenge to create, design and deliver a complete and viable solution to this dilemma.  A suite of all-natural products delivered in a single easy-to-use kit. No longer would surgeons and staff need to use a hodgepodge of products and remedies cobbled together with the hope that the majority would prove effective.

Trained in the art of all-natural medical products and using their patented helix CBD conversion abilities, Hemp Synergistics was able to deliver each and every product needed for the safety and well-being of patients in an all-in-one format. These solutions can be a tremendous leap forward for plastic surgeons everywhere.

The Solution

The Phyto cannabinoid and CBD related remedies discovered through research of the practitioner’s art of medicinal cannabis were formulated, produced and packaged in Hemp Synergistics’s ultra-modern production facility, overseen by highly trained professional during each step in the process.

Patient Care Coordinators the patient dilemmas posed by plastic surgery and Hemp Synergistics produced a valid solution for complete patient pre-operative nutrition and preparation.

Introducing Hemp Synergistics plastic surgeon’s all-in-one DermaTerra Kit including:

DermaTerra’s™ Rapid Recovery Complex. This Phyto Cannabinoid-Rich Protein is an all-natural vegan protein , fortified with Zinc and Vitamin D, and includes all of the essential regenerative building blocks, all naturally created by mother nature for effectiveness and safety.

These proteins and vitamins work to build patient immune functions before surgery and to support rapid skin healing for the shortest possibly recovery time.

And for patient mental and physical preparation the experts at Hemp Synergistics specifically designed a calming agent and tincture to provide antioxidants and reassurance of a calm patient.

DermaTerra’s™ physician formulated Phyto Cannabinoid-Rich Gummy Bites for discrete relief help to maintain pre-operative patient calmness and lowered anxiety.

DermaTerra’s™  Phyto cannabinoid-infused Tincture providing full strength THC-free cannabinoids for a quick dose of broad-spectrum CBD and immunity boosting properties of elderberry.

Next, a recovery aid would be necessary to help patients prepare for a surgical procedure and for post-operative recovery. In addition to the products featured above, all of which will be used post-operative, Hemp Synergistics also provides three more effective remedies to assist in alleviating pain, diminished scarring and overall quick recovery.

DermaTerra’s™ Post-Op Cleansing Bar is an all-natural antibacterial soap featuring the anti-inflammatory properties of hemp seed oil and the soft cleansing action of activated charcoal.†

DermaTerra’s™ Silicon scar treatment cream. Medical-grade silicone, paired with potent antioxidants tocopherol (vitamin E), green tea polyphenols, and proteolytic enzymes form a shield around all scar areas to produce an optimal healing environment. The translucent, smooth, and odorless formula is non-migrating and can be layered under clothing and makeup for comfortable wearing, day or night

DermaTerra’s™ Healing Wound Balm merges the healing power of organic honey with the moisturizing properties of lanolin to help prevent scabbing, reduce infection risk and accelerate healing time. This Healing Wound Balm is designed to aid tissue after surgery through the antioxidant and antibacterial properties of organic honey, and the natural moisturizing power of lanolin

Clearly Hemp Synergistics provided the needed solutions for their customers and stand ready to assist others with hemp-based treatments.

Hemp Synergistics Can Help You Too!

Everything your patient needs to recover from surgery can be found in the all-in-one DermaTerra Kit!

Top plastic surgeons and their highly trained staff understand there are two big reasons for using the best pre-and post-operative products possible for their customers.

First, the health and well-being of their patients is of tantamount importance.

Hemp Synergistics doesn’t disappoint with their highly effective Derma Terra Kit. This specifically designed suite of all-natural products provides the best treatments on the market to prepare patients pre-operative and treat their post-operative symptoms to minimize scars and to promote fast and problem-free healing.

Second, plastic surgery has become one of the most competitive markets in the entire field of medicine and top offices recognize the need to stand out from the crowd as true professionals.

If you are in the plastic surgery realm Hemp Synergistics has the solution to your patients’ concerns and well-being. It’s simple, easy and affordable and comfort your patients.

Hemp Synergistics has specifically designed these products for plastic surgeons and manufacturers to provide unique White Label remedies and they can do the same for you.

Contact Hemp Synergistics today to solve your patient pre-and post-operative needs with the affordable solution found in their all-in-one Derma Terra Kit!


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