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Modern technology industries have always had to deal with a myriad of challenges and those with the
wherewithal to provide workable solutions always rise to the top of their respective fields.

Most young people can’t imagine a world without reliable artificial light, plastic surgery without lasers,
computers without amazing amounts of memory and calculating power, cell phones without music,
camera or internet access or a CBD delivery system without cannabis oil.

150 years ago, Thomas Edison turned night into day, instantly changing work, lifestyles and life as we
know it. The 1960’s saw top surgical doctor’s invented lasers that greatly improved safety, speed and
accuracy of surgical techniques resulting in fewer infections, less scarring and faster healing. In the
1990’s Steve Jobs helped revolutionize a new era in cell phones with an iPhone featuring new
innovations such as music lists of your favorites, cameras rivaling professional equipment and instant
access to the worldwide web.

Now the public sees all these reliable inventions to be the standard by which all others are measured.

Ten years from now what will be the standard for CBD delivery systems? It certainly must address some
of the most challenging issues of existing systems but it must also represent such a giant leap forward
that it will be considered as revolutionary as any of the advanced technology mentioned above.

So, what exactly are the most challenging issues facing scientists, laboratories and manufacturers with
regard to CBD? Although there is actually a never-ending stream of challenges in any field and always
room for improvement, there will forever be inventors who doggedly create smart, cost effective,
durable solutions and, most importantly, meet each of those challenges and actually work!

CBD oil, tincture

Searching for Solutions

The Cannabis Industry Faces Challenges

As with all new technology, understanding the problem first is the key to creating a solution.
Here are the four biggest challenges facing CBD-infused product manufacturers today:

• Cannabis oil has very real issues with taste, heat, purity, chemicals and consistency.

• Cannabis oil is a poor delivery system due to a human body designed to defend itself against
harmful substances by literally destroying nearly 90% or more of beneficial cannabinoids.

• Delivering specific amounts of valuable cannabinoids like CBD while also keeping THC levels
within the legal threshold with guaranteed accuracy.

• Legal clinical trials that consistently search for the precise combinations that work most
effectively on relieving the pain and other symptoms experienced by sufferers.

As with most any problems there are solutions, however in this case a single key that answers each of
the main problems facing manufacturers is the most difficult to create yet the most highly desired.

A Complex Delivery System Conundrum

One of the single most difficult adversities may also hold the recipe to solving the other three, namely
the replacement of cannabis oil with a revolutionary new creation designed specifically to remedy each
of the drawbacks found within that substance.

Cannabinoids are all natural products and are not water soluble. Scientists have long searched for a way
to change the molecular structure of cannabis oil into a much cleaner form without losing any
effectiveness of the cannabinoids. Manufacturers had to use unavoidable methods like heat and
chemicals to create cannabis oil and each of these negatively affected taste, purity and consistency of
the product and thus a more viable configuration method was obviously required.

Scientists pondered If cannabis oil could somehow become water soluble without losing effectiveness. If
this could be done, it stood to reason that the poor delivery system drawbacks could also be solved. The
loss of about ninety percent of every cannabinoid ingested in the human body before entering the
bloodstream means patients need to consume nearly 10 times the amount than actually necessary.

Solving this delivery system conundrum would go a very long way towards a much more efficient
method requiring just a fraction of the CBD product and that would represent a huge advance.

Water infused with cannabinoids could “fool” the body’s natural protection, allowing for much greater
absorption rates and thus much less product was needed. An innovative water-based delivery system
would indeed prove to be as ground-breaking as any of the famous now-standard products above.

How to Guarantee Accuracy, Consistent and Compliance?

If by some miracle the CBD delivery system were to be water-based, this would go a long way towards
the second set of challenges faced by researchers, namely delivery of cannabinoids such as CBD with
undeniable consistency and absolute accuracy. But how would this be accomplished?

If some of the main drawbacks to cannabis oil such as truly consistent amounts of CBD and other
cannabinoids could be delivered without lessening effect and the manufacturer could guarantee
absolute compliance with THC tolerance laws, this would represent an incredible leap forward.

But imagine if it could be accomplished with just a fraction of the product consumed, with nearly complete
absorption. This marvel of a delivery system would instantly become the new standard in the industry.

The last, and likely most important, challenge for researchers and manufacturers today is a tangle of
rules, regulations and laws that no one seems to even understand. The wasteland of judiciary
enforcement hasn’t produced an accurate test for THC legal tolerances despite over 100 years of
attempts, much less one that is fast, easy to use and affordable.

If a water-based solution could provide the very accuracy desired by scientists and researchers wanting
to stay completely legal and well within all parameters set out by the judiciary, this would be welcome
news in the industry and free them from the shackles of a confusing set of laws and regulations.

These professionals could then totally concentrate on the tasks before them and finally gain the empirical data
they have long sought to prove medical claims. These clinical tests could spell the difference between
hope and desire for effective treatments with proven empirical data as strong as any pharmaceutical
firm could put forth to earn FDA approval on their own experimental drug combinations.

Tomorrow’s Innovation is Here Today.

Imagine if you had the foresight to invest in Edison’s light bulb? Lasers for physicians? The iPhone?
Hemp Synergystics is about to unveil the all-in-one solution to each of these formidable obstacles, an
advance in the hemp industry just as revolutionary as any one of these well-known innovations.

A Man Ahead of his Time