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ViaLeaf Hair Regrowth Shampoo

ViaLeaf Hair Regrowth shampoo

Since the dawn of mankind men and women have been suffering unwanted hair loss. The search for a solution led to trying all sorts of remedies, treatments, even quackery to spark hair regrowth. It was thought by some that perhaps no real solution would ever be discovered. Finally, in the mid-1980s, there was a breakthrough as researchers found success with chemical combinations that really performed admirably.

These chemical combinations did work well for their designed purpose as over 90% of users reported hair growth in follicles that had previously shut down. With this success, most consumers overlooked the known side effects of applying these treatments topically including scalp sensitivity (sometimes with associated irritation or burning), dryness and flaking of the skin. More alarming some users encountered increased heart rate, premature aging of the face and other undesired symptoms.

ViaLeaf Hair Regrowth conditioner

ViaLeaf Hair Regrowth conditioner with CBDA

The scientists and researchers at Hemp Synergistics have been studying the various cannabinoids produced from hemp for years looking for all the benefits to be found in that plant. After protracted research and testing, the cannabinoid CBDA was found to have a demonstrable effect on restoring healthy hair, an advance in technology punctuated by using a pure and 100% all-natural ingredient.

The remaining challenge was relatively simple in comparison. How to deliver the hemp-based extract to properly effect hair growth in humans without the side effects found in earlier topical solutions?

ViaLeaf CBDA Haircare Serum

CBDA Haircare Line – Regen Serum

Research showed CBDA had very good efficacy when used topically but the team wasn’t totally satisfied as they wanted to develop the best possible delivery system that produced maximum results with minimum or no noticeable side effects. Eventually their drive and determination were rewarded through a series of  scientific trials, consumer reviews and feedback and a relentless determination to find a solution to hair loss.

The innovative team at Hemp Synergistics studied and reviewed all the data and intensified their search for the answer. Through exhaustive testing it was discovered that topically treating the scalp directly with specially developed extract ingredients in a shampoo and conditioner specifically designed to work in tandem with a unique topical tincture showed CBDA produced outstanding results as a successful treatment for hair loss without the side effects that have plagued other hair treatments.

CBDA Hair Follicle

CBDA effects on hair follicle and hair loss

ViaLeaf is the world’s first haircare line with CBDA, and it is now available without prescription. 

Hemp Synergistics continues consumer testing of ViaLeaf products with very encouraging results. Past studies have illustrated that the endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a key player in hair follicle cell growth and the futuristic company has reached out to well known higher education-based researchers to persist in seeking more mounting solid scientific evidence of the efficacy of CBDA for the purpose of successful hair follicle regrowth.

Try ViaLeaf haircare with CBD today at https://hempsynergistics.com/vialeaf-cannabinoid-rich-premium-haircare-for-hair-loss/