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It is easy to say a certain remediation service is best in the world, however it is quite something else to prove it to a skeptical audience. We are all constantly bombarded with outlandish claims that we often dismiss before carefully reviewing all the facts. This is where Hemp Synergistics shines!

Standard remediation services can do all the standard work but not much more. They do not have the knowledge and understanding, the top technology nor the labor force capable of fixing damaged products from inexpert technicians, old equipment, unexpected problems, and unique challenges. Most remediation services can do specific tasks and conduct specific measurements. Presenting them with new and unique challenges usually results in going outside their comfort zone into the unknown, an UNCOMFORTABLE or even impossible task for most remediation staff personnel to successfully complete.

The Hemp Synergistics remediation team can provide alternatives you never even thought about. Their level of approaching new challenges of any sort with cannabis is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Industry leading Think Tank at Hemp Synergistics Creates Unique CBD delivery system

World’s #1 CBD delivery system!

The scientific team at Hemp Synergistics initially gained their fame and cemented their innovative reputation of being the most knowledgeable cannabis group on the planet by developing a completely reengineered all-natural CBD delivery system.

Harsh taste, skunky smell, sticky consistency, nasty chemicals, quickly degraded and super expensive to convert to powder are just a few of the negatives of cannabis oil and nano. Numerous chemical compounds are used to convert the cannabis  to a crystalized form that is not recognized as healthy food source by the human digestive system and this causes stomach enzymes to try to protect itself by destroying these chemicals, thereby greatly lowering the efficacy by 90%.

Faced with these drawbacks of legacy products like cannabis oil and nano, the research group looked at these shortcomings and devised a brand-new product designed to not only overcome every negative from these CBD sources, but they also actually turned those obstacles into complete positives.

This scientific team broke the mold for CBD manufacturers by creating the best possible CBD delivery system on the planet and named it Bio-Dri™ powder with the following characteristics:

  1. Completely suspends in water, while maintaining a uniform appearance
  2. Odorless and tasteless and leaves no residue, the perfect vehicle for oral medication.
  3. Does not degrade and has an admirable shelf life of up to two years
  4. Vegan and all-natural product, utilizing just three ingredients.
  5. Concentrated, containing on average 2.5 times the amounts of cannabinoids in cannabis oil.
  6. Relies on pharmaceutical and food grade extraction and manufacturing resulting in laboratory measured results ensuring specific cannabinoid and maintaining THC below the legal threshold.


Trojan Horse Technology

Bio-Dri™ provides a superior form of delivery which helps to avoid First Pass metabolism, increasing bioavailability by encapsulating the powder inside a polysaccharide shell, later released by a single stomach enzyme. This permits a near 90% absorption rate, a big leap in efficacy from a CBD delivery system unmatched in the industry today.

Instead of the traditional cannabis oil “sledgehammer” effect of trying to force substantial amounts of cannabinoids through the human digestive system, Bio-Dri™ uses a pioneering “Trojan Horse” effect to cleverly misdirect the body into thinking the consumer ingested a potato-like food that it absorbs almost unchecked to provide unheard of absorption rates.

Hemp Synergistics CBD delivery systems have changed the face (and taste) of CBD forever!

Interested in knowing more about Bio-Dri™ CBD powder? https://hempsynergistics.com/bio-dri-broad-spectrum-powder/


Here are a few Sample Producers and their Challenges. Where does your firm need remediation help?

The names have been changed to protect the innocent (and protect the reputations of major cannabis firms) looking for assistance in providing top quality cannabis-based product for their consumers.

Cannabis, Inc. is a small producer of cannabis oil looking for ways to start using economies of scale to expand their business by producing their own cannabis oil. They are contemplating costly modern technology and to train, certify and provide practice for their lab assistants, an expensive and time-consuming effort. Company directors are concerned about expense, down time, quality, and other potential problems.

What makes more sense? Should they utilize a top remediation service or undertake this complex step themselves?

Weed For All firm was in a bind. They had just bought an expensive piece of technology to produce cannabis oil, but the first few batches were ruined, and their new equipment was damaged because the technicians were not familiar with the process, or the equipment as much as previously thought. They were producing twenty kilos of cannabis oil per month and their scientific team did not seem to measure up.

Executives at the C level needed immediate solutions

Cannabis Is Us is a larger producer of cannabis oil with their own trained and certified lab personnel but were having troubles with their production process. Several loads turned out to be contaminated and they could not figure out exactly how to remediate their product through the rest of the process and to store shelves. No one seemed able to find the source of the contamination and this was quite concerning to both executives and staff.

The CEO was struggling with the problems and needed to find a permanent solution.

Organic Corp. was faced with a daunting challenge. Their biggest customer wanted to come out with a new CBD distillate guaranteed to contain no THC whatsoever. Their own lab was practiced and experienced and could produce made-to-order products for their customers however when the amount of THC evaluated by a third party, it varied as much as 30%. Their in-house remediation team was scratching their collective heads.

What would be the solution?

Hemp Grower, LLC wanted to isolate a particular cannabinoid from their own cannabis oil in their onsite laboratory. They discovered that the plant material was off the charts with incredibly high THC content. Normally this would be a cause for celebration (wink, wink) however the customer was in a nation with a particularly harsh regulatory environment with exceedingly low THC limits.

As much as they tried, the scientific team simply could not get the THC down to acceptable levels. The executive staff and remediation crew made numerous unsuccessful attempts. What to do?

CBD Farms, a large grower of hemp came to Hemp Synergistics with a unique problem. They had an abundance of cannabis oil and desired to produce a pure form of a previously unknown cannabinoid. This called for an extremely specific product and a completely new challenge to their lab. Unfortunately, they simply could not provide a workable solution and needed advice and help from a top cannabis scientific team with the knowledge and expertise necessary for such a daunting task.

In every case Hemp Synergistics Remediation team can offer productive solutions. Although each challenge is different, Hemp Synergistics will embrace the problem and find a solution.

Hemp Synergistics is the world’s leading cannabis oil THC remediation company. They pride themselves on their ability to purify any cannabis oil, no matter how potent the THC levels.

Bottom line is that small or cash strapped cannabis firms with inexperienced lab techs and other employees for CBD companies can use Hemp Synergistics remediation services to ensure their product complies 100%…100% of the time. They can also be assured the QUALITY of the product is as pure and safe as any food item. Overall, this will save them time, money, aggravation, and customers.

Did You Know that Hemp Synergistics won the coveted Best Intelligent Hemp Technology Award this year?

Hemp Synergistics Wins Prestigious Award