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SDC X Hemp Synergistics

By November 9th, 2021No Comments


Global manufacturer of supplements and nutraceuticals sold at retailers like GNC, Target and Walmart, to use Hemp Synergistics’ patent-pending hemp oil powder with over 50% hemp concentration by weight. 


(PITTSBURGH, PA) November 20, 2020  Hemp Synergistics, a biotech company dedicated to making intelligent hemp products, announced today that its THC-free, patent-pending powered hemp oil will be used by SDC Nutrition, a top global supplement manufacturer. The hemp oil powder, called Bio-Dri™, was developed in early 2020 to solve a problem for the supplement industry, pressured by consumer demand to include concentrated, broad-spectrum and tasteless hemp into formulations.  


“At SDC Nutrition, we create industry leading formulas for big brands that sell their products at retail flagships like GNC, Target, Kroger and Walmart. Supplements containing hemp is in demand as much as collagen, but two problems have prevented clients from mass production: hemp’s ubiquitous bitter taste and the inability to effectively mix hemp oil with other botanical ingredients,” said SDC Nutrition’s Founder and Chairman Sean Marszalek, whose company uses over 1000 unique ingredients in custom formulations and has sent over 1 million units to Amazon on behalf of its customers. “Bio-Dri™ solves these problems and we view this innovation as a game changer for the supplement and food industry.”  


The Bio-Dri™ powder gives the supplement manufacturer, who produces millions of supplements including protein powders, capsules and meal replacement products sold online and in major retail chains, the opportunity to include a hemp oil containing ingredient with at least eight times higher potency than past “state-of-the-shelf” extraction technology.  Bio-Dri™ utilizes only 8% of a capsule volume to achieve a 25 mg hemp dose, vs. the current 80% volume, providing space for other ingredients, including botanicals that improve bioavailability, like turmeric, or aid in relaxation, like melatonin. 


“We offer the only all-natural, vegan, broad-spectrum hemp oil powder with over 50% hemp concentration by weight. The product is so concentrated that the extra capsule space gives manufacturers the ability to create highly-customized formulations that produce higher yields and result in improved margins,” said Hemp Synergistics CEO Dan Kohler. “As a result, SDC has selected Hemp Synergistics as the provider for their hemp containing ingredients. We’re thrilled to work with such an incredible company.”  



About Hemp Synergistics
Hemp Synergistics is a biotechnology company dedicated to making intelligent hemp products. We provide industry solutions including extraction, remediation, research, development and manufacturing of hemp-based ingredients and consumer products for the food, supplement and wellness industries. For more information visit www.hempsynergistics.com or email [email protected]. 


About SDC
SDC offers a complete turnkey solution including product concepts, formulation, cGMP Manufacturing, laboratory services, package and label design, regulatory compliance support and assistance in marketing and merchandising. At SDC Nutrition, our focus is on a complete customer satisfaction experience. In doing so, we want to highlight the relationship between transparent communication and our quality contract manufacturing services. Our management team has a combined 100+ years of industry experience.