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By  – Digital Producer, Pittsburgh Business Times

Hemp Synergistics LLC, a biotech and hemp products manufacturer located in Leetsdale, announced its recently developed powdered hemp oil concentrate called Bio-Dri will be used exclusively by Pittsburgh-based SDC Nutrition for various new products.

With Bio-Dri, Hemp Synergistics said it has been able to produce a product that is highly concentrated and tasteless all while remaining free of the THC, the cannabinoid associated with creating the “high” feeling found in marijuana-based products.

“At SDC Nutrition, we create industry leading formulas for big brands that sell their products at retail flagships like GNC, Target, Kroger and Walmart,” SDC Nutrition’s Founder and Chairman Sean Marszalek said in a press release. “Supplements containing hemp are in demand as much as collagen.”

Marszalek said the bitter taste typically associated with hemp products and the inability to effectively mix hemp oil with other botanical ingredients has made producing products consumers enjoy a challenge. That all changes with Bio-Dri, Marszalek said.

“We view this innovation as a game changer for the supplement and food industry,” he added.

Hemp Synergistics said its Bio-Dri product only uses 8% of a capsule’s volume to obtain a 25mg hemp dose which leaves more than 80% of the space in a capsule for other ingredients such as botanicals or relaxation aids like melatonin.

“The product is so concentrated that the extra capsule space gives manufacturers the ability to create highly-customized formulations that produce higher yields and result in improved operating margins,” Hemp Synergistics CEO Dan Kohler said in the release. “As a result, SDC has selected Hemp Synergistics as the provider for their hemp containing ingredients. We’re thrilled to work with such an incredible company.”

No details have been released yet as to when SDC Nutrition will begin distributing products with Hemp Synergistics’ Bio-Dri formula. Hemp Synergistics initially developed earlier this year.

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