Chief Operating Officer

Ron Fazio

Ron Fazio is a former board certified forensic scientist with over 20 years of controlled substance experience. Ron has managed numerous accredited forensic labs, multi-discipline labs, and multi-site crime labs for the past twenty years. Through public-private partnerships, Ron has overseen the installation of 5 new crime labs in law enforcement facilities, bringing fast and local controlled substance testing to sites who needed to solve backlog and turn-around time issues.

Ron developed and launched Integrated Forensic Laboratories, the nation’s first full-service, accredited and private crime lab. He helped grow operations to 3 locations generating $2.1 million annually before coordinating the sale of the company. As Laboratory Director, he introduced and implemented Lean production scheduling and processing methods for each lab section, which resulted in a 3 day or less time line for 90% of submitted cases.

In addition to his significant multi-site operational leadership experience, Ron is well-versed in controlled substance diversion control and physical security. He holds multiple state and federal DEA permits for purchasing, handling, storing, and transporting scientific controlled substances as well as illegal substances. He is also adept at negotiating and closing major governmental contracts despite challenges.

He taught Laboratory Management courses to graduate students at the University of North Texas Health Science Center as an adjunct professor, and forensic science courses to undergraduates as a Teaching Fellow at University of North Texas.

Ron is proficient in gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, and liquid chromatography, along with organic and analytical chemistry. He completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Botany/Biology and his MBA at the University of Texas at Arlington.