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Intellegent Hemp products, with the highest quality ingredients and formulated with maximum strength dosages.

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What makes Pure Synergistics different?

Pure Synergistics products are created with intelligent formulations containing only all natural ingredients to achieve maximum effectiveness.All of our products have been formulated in a pharmaceutical-grade lab in an FDA-approved facility.

The Pure Synergistics customer is educated, health-conscious, and quality-obsessed. Pure Synergistics is the solution for anyone looking to incorporate the highest quality, maximum strength CBD products into their daily routine.

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What They’re Saying

I have anxiety and arthritis. I am a regular user of CBD products and have sampled 100's of brands as they have come to market over the past 3 years. Everyone claims to be the purest but this Vitamin D tincture from Pure Synergistics with 3000mg of CBD takes the cake. No taste except vanilla and the effects are noticeable. Strongly recommend for any skeptic that has said they are not sure CBD works because this stuff works! The price is also great given that my last go to oil with 900mg of CBD was $100.

Tom QuinnCustomer, 40

Before I tried Pure Synergistics, I wasn’t sure CBD was for me. I had tried CBD oil and didn’t feel the effects. A few minutes after trying the Maximum Strength Vegan CBD Gummies, I knew I had just been using the wrong stuff. Now, I take them every day. Sitting at a desk every day, they save my neck and back. And, they pair perfectly with a cup of coffee in the morning to get in a great headspace.

JohnnyCustomer, 24

Pure Synergistics Recovery Balm provided me with a quick and simple solution to pain relief within my ankle after sporting activities - I always keep a balm ready in my locker.

JohnCustomer, 35