"Creating Efficient and Effective Hemp Products for Other Industries"

Dank Discussions hosted by Maynard Breslow presents, “Creating Efficient and Effective Hemp Products for other industries with guest Russ Cersosimo, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Hemp Synergistics”

"Getting Schooled on CBD Product Development with Mark Mangieri of Hemp Synergistics"

Mark Mangieri joins Krysta Huber on The FYX to discuss CBD and other THC-free hemp based products and the market that surrounds them.

"Win-Win with Cannabis"

Russ Cersosimo discusses how Hemp Synergistics is adding value to the cannabis industry on the Win-Win with Cannabis podcast.

"Nutracast Podcast"

Hemp Synergistics’ Mark Mangieri is the latest guest on the Nutracast Podcast, where he talks about the new cutting edge ways Hemp Synergistics is making Hemp work for you.

Read the full transcript here.

"Edge of Cannabis Medicine"

Our very own Mark Mangieri joins Matthew Myro on his podcast “Edge of Cannabis Medicine” to talk about the new game changing CBD Processing that Hemp Synergistics has created.

Read the full transcript here.

"Thinking Outside the Bud"

Our very own Russ Cersosimo joins Business Coach Bruce Eckfeldt on the Podcast “Thinking Outside the Bud” to talk about himself, the hemp industry and Hemp Synergistics.

"The Vine featuring Russ Cersosimo"

Our very own Russ Cersosimo discusses hemp and other projects by Hemp Synergistics with Gina Vensel from Plant Media Project.

"CBD: Why are Nano and Isolates bad?"

Check out Russ Cersosimo breaking down all the reasons why you shouldn’t use Nano emulsified CBD and CBD Isolates.

"In the Lab With Hemp Synergistics"

Take a deeper look into the lab and the science behind all Hemp Synergistics products.

"Hemp Synergistics Partnership with Cafe Des Amis"

Hemp Synergistics has partnered with Cafe Des Amis to make amazing CBD baked goods with our CBD Bake Mix made out of Bio-Dri™.

"What is Beyond Biomed?"

Learn from Dr. Anu Anand about what Beyond BioMed is and how YOU could benefit!

"Beyond Biomed Promo"

Check out these great products from Beyond Biomed!

"Get Schooled in Powdered Hemp with Ron Fazio"

Ron Fazio breaks down what Nano is, why it’s bad, what isolates are and why they’re a ticking time bomb…

"THC Testing Hemp On The Go With Ron Fazio Of Hemp Synergistics"

In this episode of the Ministry of Hemp podast, our host Matt talked with Ron Fazio COO of Hemp Synergistics. They’ve partnered with Purdue University’s Center for Crime, Forensics, and Security Analysis to develop a new fully portable hemp testing system that allows law enforcement to test THC levels in less than two minutes.