Director of Sales and Product Development at Hemp Synergistics

Mark Mangieri

Mark Mangieri is a father and fitness minded business professional with an eye for opportunity and innovation. As a parent of a child with autism and longtime entrepreneur, Mangieri has learned the value of clear and concise communication with outside the box problem solving skills. Understanding industry variables and consumer trends while capitalizing on market gaps has been the hallmark of his success.

Personality goes a long way in the business environment and Mangieri puts his to good and profitable use. Mark’s infectiously fun and familiar temperament unifies employees and customers toward a central message and goal. Leading by example with a strong work ethic and educated instincts will keep the team’s standards high. The impact of morale should never go unattended or underestimated.

Success is too often measured by personal wealth. While financial security is an obvious objective, Mangieri’s most proud business accomplishments are successful product launches, influencing market trends and category leading products with life cycles spanning a decade and more. Maintaining a healthy mind, body and work-life balance has been and will always be his long term measure of true success.