Lily + Rein

Pure and simple hemp therapy. Lily + Rein is a brand designed with women in mind. Lily + Rein offers a helping hand for women looking to embark on their own journey of CBD self-care. We offer a selection of effortless topical and edible creations that can be incorporated into any woman’s daily routine.

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What makes Lily + Rein different?

The Lily + Rein collection is created with intention. We take our science seriously and all Lily + Rein products have been formulated in a pharmaceutical grade lab in an FDA approved facility. We consider our female audience at the forefront of our designs and within our mission.

To all that are interested in CBD and looking for the right place to start, consider Lily + Rein. Our products are designed for easy incorporation into your life. A Lily + Rein CBD user is someone looking for more ways to show love to themselves.

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