How can CBD help you?


Does someone you know use CBD? There’s a good chance you do. According to Gallup, 14% of U.S. adults personally use CBD products. Statistics are one thing, but when you hear the stories of real people, the degree to which cannabinoids are helping people all over the world is simply amazing. As more and more research is conducted, we’re finding more illnesses, diseases, and disorders that CBD can mitigate or relieve. The amount of applications are now going far beyond the most often associated and most popular uses: pain (arthritis and other chronic conditions) and stress/anxiety


The evidence for CBD efficacy in treating seizures is so strong that the only FDA approved cannabis drug, Epidiolex, is designed to treat seizures. But the most powerful evidence in support of these issues are the anecdotal stories of children especially that are freed from consistent debilitating seizures.


Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other diseases of the brain have been notoriously difficult to solve. But, CBD and CBD in combination with THC have been one of the few treatments to show promise.


CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties once again play an important role this time on your face. Especially now, CBD is finding its way into all kinds of cosmetics.


The well understood effects can understandably help alleviate cancer and cancer related symptoms. Pain relief and anxiety reduction (the two most common reasons people use CBD) will certainly mitigate some of the pain caused by the disease which varies based on the particular type of cancer and help with the understandable amount of stress caused by such a diagnosis.

If you are diagnosed with cancer, there’s a very good chance that chemotherapy will be used as a treatment. Chemo is notorious for inducing severe nausea, but that too can be quelled with CBD.