Hemp Bake Mix is a High Concentration Powder

That Delivers Consistency and Reliability

How Does It Work?

Designed to mimic traditional baking ingredients, Hemp Bake Mix has the mesh size of flour and the moisture content of sugar. Hemp Bake Mix is a dry, free-flowing powder that is formulated to be minimal in volume, resulting in no modification to existing recipes.

Application: Food manufacturers, bakers, functional
foods and supplement manufacturers.
Taste and Recipe: Has no influence.
Nothing to Mask: No accommodations needed.
Delivery Consistency: Mix and blend with anything.

Made with Real Hemp Oil

Hemp Bake Mix is made with high quality, THC-Free, Broad-Spectrum Hemp Oil delivered complete with 3rd party lab testing to certify a safe and delicious experience. Broad-Spectrum means your customers will enjoy ‘the entourage effect’ fueled by CBD and the minor cannabinoids without the impairment of THC.

Preserve the Taste

Our new Hemp Bake Mix has a completely neutral taste and allows the recipe’s flavor to shine bright. Enjoy the beneficial qualities without the medicinal taste. CBD edibles and functional foods never tasted so good.

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