Let's convert your oil to powder.

This online powder conversion calculator is a tool that allows users to convert input cannabinoid in kilograms to determine conversion cost and total output using different formulae based on the mix type and release type selected.

To use, enter the input cannabinoid amount to be powderized. Then select the mix type (Drink Formula, Food Formula, or Nutraceutical Formula), and select the release type (Rapid-Onset, Timed-Release, or Extended-Release). The calculator will then calculate the cost to convert the entire batch to powder and total output in kilograms.

For instance, an input of 1 kilo, converted to Nutraceutical Mix, would output 2 finished kilograms, and would be 50% concentration. 

Bio-Dri Calculator

- 10-20% concentration
- 20-25% concentration
- 50% concentration

This is an approximation, as input cannabinoid concentration will affect output.

Cannabinoids supplied by customer.