Bio-Dri® for Edibles

Any-Spectrum Cannabinoid Powder for Baking & Cooking made with 100% all-natural ingredients and 100% vegan.

How Does It Work?

The world’s first and only 100% vegan, 100% all-natural broad spectrum or full spectrum hemp / CBD powder.

Designed to mimic traditional baking ingredients, Bio-Dri® for Edibles has the mesh size of flour and the moisture content of sugar. Bio-Dri® for Edibles is a dry, free-flowing powder that is formulated to be minimal in volume, resulting in no modification to existing recipes.

Application: Food manufacturers, bakers, functional
foods and supplement manufacturers.
Taste and Recipe: Has no influence.
Nothing to Mask: No accommodations needed.
Delivery Consistency: Mix and blend with anything.

Made with Real Hemp Oil

Bio-Dri® for Edibles is made with high-quality, broad or full-spectrum cannabinoid oil which can be certified safe and THC-free by a 3rd party lab.

Preserve the Taste

Bio-Dri® for Edibles has a completely neutral taste, allowing your recipes’ flavors to shine without worry. Enjoy the benefits without the medicinal taste with Bio-Dri™ for Edibles by Hemp Synergistics.

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