THC Remediation in Pennsylvania

Hemp Synergistics is a biotechnology company based out of Pittsburgh providing the highest quality, custom formulated, THC-free cannabinoid solutions. We are currently partnering with leading consumer packaged good brands, like yourself, to collaborate in producing branded custom, formulated cannabinoid solutions for their customers.

There is a large opportunity and need to provide high quality, consistent THC-free cannabinoid products to consumers that are suffering from a variety of ailments including but not limited to stress, anxiety, inflammation, arthritis, joint pain and those that are struggling with opioid dependence.

What is “hot” hemp?

If at any point a hemp plant or extract contains above 0.3% THC by weight, that product is considered to be “hot” and thus illegal under the 2018 Farm Bill. Once this THC threshold is reached and exceeded, the product’s legal definition changes from hemp to marijuana. Of course, it’s the same plant – cannabis sativa – but horticulture has nothing to do with it.

All that matters for the purposes of staying compliant are legal definitions set by Congress, the FDA, the DEA, and other relevant governmental bodies. These definitions and interpretations can be fluid to due to ambiguity in the 2018 Farm Bill, so imperative to be aware of policy and enforcement changes by the federal government.

DEA’s Interim Final Rule on Hemp

It’s vitally important to be aware of a hemp plant or product’s THC level at every stage of the process. Recent interim rules by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency imply that hemp extract can be considered a Schedule I drug, even just after completion of the extraction process. Legal experts are now warning hemp processors and those who possess undiluted hemp extract. At our GMP certified lab, we utilize chromatography to create THC-free products.

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    We had never considered the possible applications of CBD in our snack food business until we met Ron Fazio of Hemp Synergistics. Ron demystified the world of CBD for us and made us aware of a host of viable options available for our business to get involved with CBD. His knowledge of CBD, related products and pros/cons of all of the different derivatives opened our eyes to opportunities that we were completely unaware of. Ron also provided us with sound guidance related to the ethical and legal ramifications of the various CBD-related options we were considering and this provided us with considerable peace of mind that we were going down the right path for our company.

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