Hemp Synergistics is committed to delivering the best lab services and THC remediation possible. Our products are submitted to industry-best and certified 3rd party lab testing. We provide full panel Certificate of Analysis (CoA) verification for all our products. We are proud to offer professional THC remediation services that guarantee 100% compliance with all regulations. Our products are also pure and potent, ensuring the highest quality possible. For more information on our lab services and THC remediation, please contact us today.

    What is “Hot” Hemp?

    If at any point a hemp plant or extract contains above 0.3% THC by weight, that product is considered to be “hot” and thus illegal under the 2018 Farm Bill. Once this THC threshold is reached and exceeded, the product’s legal definition changes from hemp to marijuana. Of course, it’s the same plant – cannabis sativa – but horticulture has nothing to do with it.