Ital Water

Created by one of the leading advocates in Europe, Rinus Beintema, to be the most powerful cannabinoid-based wellness product in the world.

While all CBD drinks max out at 25 milligrams, Ital Water packs up to 1200 milligrams of cannabinoids per bottle. So what is the most powerful CBD water in the world? There is no comparison that it's Ital Water.

Built from one of the largest cannabinoid studies in the world, this specially formulated liquid utilizes Bio-DriTM patent-pending Trojan Horse delivery technology to achieve extremely high bioavailability.

100% Vegan | 100% Natural | Maximum Strength
Ital CBD Water

What is Trojan Horse Delivery Technology?

Did you know your body is designed to destroy cannabinoids when they are ingested? Watch below to find out how the Trojan Horse technology works.
  • Up to 1200 mg of cannabinoids per bottle
  • Used by over 30,000 patients in EU
  • Up to 2300% more cannabinoids over similar products
  • Day formula helps with pain, anxiety, inflammation and focus
  • Night formula helps with pain, anxiety, inflammation and sleep
  • Up to 100 doses per bottle

Who is Rinus Beintema?

Hemp Synergistics has been working hand in hand with well-known cannabis legalization advocate Rinus Beintema and his non-profit group Suver Nuver to develop condition-specific custom-cannabinoid treatments as a user-friendly successor to cannabis oil. The maximum THC percentage for CBD products is 0.05 percent in the Netherlands, considerably lower than the 0.2 percent found in the rest of Europe. Beintema needed an end-product guaranteed to maintain legal compliance and set out to find an advanced laboratory and manufacturer to assist. Enter Hemp Synergistics, an innovative Pittsburgh-based biotechnology company that specializes in extracting, isolating, and standardizing the active molecules in hemp.

The company had already conquered absorption of these substances, referred to as “bioavailability“,  by preventing the body from breaking them down in the digestive process. This solves the problem by encapsulating the active hemp molecules by utilizing a patent-pending process and product known as Bio-Dri™, which causes a “Trojan Horse Effect” allowing the body to pass these substances by protecting the active ingredients from destructive enzymes to provide an outstanding absorption rate.

Rinus Beintema
Customer Testimonials

What They’re Saying About Ital Water

Meanwhile I've been swallowing Ital Water day and night for 14 days and I'm still very satisfied with the result. Take before bed 5 ml night and only a quarter (6 mg) quetiapine. So that's also going in the right direction. Didn't have any pain all day either. Swallow in the morning 2.5 ml day.

Have now also given it to my mother-in-law and she was also very pleased with the day. "Never felt so good and pain free". And she's been doing that for quite some time now. So placing an order for her soon too.

Also my friend is still very satisfied and almost pain-free and has recommended it to her friend. Hope she benefits so much from it too.

I recommend everyone every time to start with 2.5 ml for a few days and then gradually increase as needed. And that goes well every time. So totally GREAT.

UrsulaNetherlands Patient

The product is amazing....took my pain out and gave me an up!

Brazilian Surfer

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