We are Hemp Synergistics and we extract cannabinoids.

Pennsylvania’s hemp processing facility, producing fast and high-quality THC-free custom formulations.

With over 50 years of regulatory, DOH, DEP, and controlled substance testing and laboratory management, Hemp Synergistics knows more about quality control and producing to large-scale than any other provider in the hemp industry.

Hemp Synergistics is different.

We are designed, from the start, to fit seamlessly into the operations of our clients.

Our Services
We offer services and products designed to make sure you remain compliant.
  • Hemp quality testing for production purposes
  • Hemp regulatory testing
  • Forensic Testing of controlled substances
  • Forensic testing of synthetic marijuana, bath salts, and novel psychoactive substances
  • Forensic testing of adulterated controlled substances and marijuana products
  • Forensic identification of interstate marijuana diversion cases
  • Clinical testing for medical marijuana pain and therapeutic management for medical providers
  • Testimony, criminal and civil
  • Additional information

We know that getting reliable answers is crucial, but not at the expense of having to wait.

MAF is the only lab that has organized its testing to meet the demands of the medical marijuana and law enforcement communities. We complete testing in hours to days, not weeks to months. We know that getting reliable answers is crucial, but not at the expense of having to wait.

We Pick Up

We will pickup your samples and return results. You worry about doing what you do.

On-Site “Perfect Harvest” Sampling

No more lost cannabinoids. We provide on-site monthly sampling to scientifically predict best time of harvest.

Fastest Turnaround in Industry

Most do it in 7 days. 3 is industry rush. We can take your order and have most results back in 24 hours* if necessary.

We Love Our Clients

We aren’t just a lab. We are a partner. We test your products, provide an entirely new level of information and provide a service that is second-to-none.

We Know Compliance.

Our founders are veterans of forensic controlled substance testing and regulatory compliance, from numerous Department of Health and Environmental Protection agencies.

We will do our job, so that you can focus on yours.

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