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Daily we learn of yet another case of CBD or other cannabinoid products having more THC than the label indicates, regrettably resulting in failed drug tests, product recalls, pet toxicity, stricter government oversight, and even more troubling, unfortunate consumers with extreme THC sensitivity experiencing negative side effects that can wreak havoc in their lives.

These are just a few of the results of elevated THC percentages, obvious mislabeling, deficiency in education and other shortcuts that demonstrate a very real lack of knowledge about the impact this has on the lives and liberty of real people.

In a real-life scenario, Michigan State police have ceased using their current blood test to determine the presence of THC. It turns out some drivers were found to have illegal THC in their bloodstreams after they had ingested CBD products labeled THC-free only to find themselves in handcuffs. Even more disappointing, some ill-fated souls lost their employment over these positive “drug tests” for THC.

We are all in the business of health and wellness for our clients and we believe that our industry should be self-policing. Each individual firm should take the responsibility to provide pure and safe products that help all our valued customers, otherwise stricter government regulation and oversight is inevitable, certainly something no one is anxious to see.

In another true-life episode, this time in the United Kingdom, the Food Safety Agency (FSA, equivalent to the FDA) has recently found that three-quarters of tested products contained “illegal” elevated levels of THC than allowed under British law. With the possibility of many CBD products being yanked off store shelves to protect consumers, CBD producers are scrambling to find ways to ensure the accuracy of their products with regards to THC.

The cannabis industry is already one of the most difficult businesses to conduct in the first place and this lack of diligence is just making it harder. On the outside it may appear that a small difference in amount or type of cannabinoid is inconsequential however it is not, particularly to the individual who experiences discomfort or even real affliction and suffering.

A well-known MMA fighter experienced anxiety, panic attacks and paranoia over a period of three years before doctors determined that the man was highly allergic to THC and the high-priced CBD pain medication he was using from marquee manufacturers contained excessive levels of THC that seriously affected the brawler’s mental as well as physical health.

We at Hemp Synergistics take great satisfaction from knowing our products and ingredients provide our customers and end users with exactly what we promised and nothing else.

While we feel we have the most innovative and responsible company in our industry, we are also real people with a genuine concern for others. We take enormous pride in providing what we believe are the finest all natural ingredients possible. We take active steps to ensure that our products and ingredients are just as pure and safe as possible because our own families and ourselves also use and enjoy the benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids.

At Hemp Synergistics we take extraordinary steps to ensure purity, hold a deep-seated belief that we owe our community the safest possible products on the market and take responsibility for accuracy in our formulations seriously every single day.

It is incumbent upon each manufacturer to produce the best, purest, and safest product conceivable. It could be our very own friends and families at risk, and they deserve the absolute best products and ingredients we can deliver.

Let all of us unite to make the cannabis industry the shining example of caring for our customers and our communities that can show everyone we know how to do it right!

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