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Today’s consumers want cannabis products that are effective, reliable, and affordable. For example, a plastic surgeon needs remedies that promote cleanliness and healing, commercial bakers need a CBD additive without noticeable taste, hair salons want a shampoo and conditioner treatment that produces noticeable hair growth and beverage makers need a CBD ingredient that mixes easily with water. And of course, all these types of businesses want an efficient, pure, and safe all-natural ingredient if possible.

White labeled products are far more appealing than generic offerings, especially when building a loyal customer base. With ultra-modern technology and advanced processing, dedicated personnel and cutting-edge laboratory, Hemp Synergistics has the direct experience, knowledgeable expertise, and resources to manufacture and deliver such cost-effective products directly to your door.

Did You Know?

Hemp Synergistics, one of the hemp industries top biotechnology companies, is among the elite producers of CBD and cannabinoids including a completely reengineered all-natural CBD delivery system that makes 60-year-old cannabis oil legacy technology completely obsolete. This vegan ingredient is taste and odor free, easy to use and delivers unheard of efficacy to consumers.

Hemp Synergistics’ Hemp Based Products and Ingredients

World’s #1 CBD delivery system!

Just look at these successful and lucrative products and ingredients available for your logo right now!

Bio-Dri™ powdered CBD ingredient is the most innovative CBD delivery system ever devised and can be used with both edibles and beverages in the most easy-to-use form and featuring the most efficacy on the planet.
Bio-Dri™ is the all-natural vegan alternative that is taste-free and odorless with the potential to become the top selling CBD additive among your sales products to create devoted customers.

Here is a great line up of innovative and proven products and ingredients just waiting for your label!

Bake Mix: Just mix, bake, and package, add your brand and ship to stores

Drink Mix: Add to your own beverage brand and await increasing customer sales

Stick packs and Pouches: Packaged and ready for your logo, brisk sellers at the POS

Salves, Tinctures and Creams: Ready to use, just add your label and stock store shelves for fast sales

Shampoos and Conditioners for hair regrowth: Create your own branded hair line today

Gummies: Yummy flavors, packed with your chosen cannabinoid, all prepared for your logo

Brownies: Delicious, packed with your chosen D9, D8 or custom cannabinoid, ready for your brand

Lemonade: Old fashioned flavor, brimming with D9, D8 or custom formulations, awaiting your label

Custom Formulations: Incredible array of custom formulations can be your best-selling products

Did you know?

There are numerous white label CBD products and ingredients already in existence, awaiting your logo. Hemp Synergistics has the full capacity to isolate over 100 cannabinoids including CBD, CBN, CBG and so many other cannabinoid ingredients. Our scientifically tested and proven products are ready to be labeled with your brand, shipped out and on store shelves in practically no time at all!

Bio-dri white label drink packetsCan Hemp Synergistics Design and Produce Custom Formulations and add our Brand?

Absolutely! Hemp Synergistics laboratory ranks with the best hemp-based product design and manufacturing available on the market today. Whatever your idea, our firm can create and produce it for you. The best part is your brand is the featured logo, allowing your company to provide the best products possible to help you create best sellers while developing a loyal customer base.

All products are monitored by a third-party test facility to guarantee your safety and satisfaction. Our highly advanced laboratory can take practically anything and create what you need for your company. Our team takes great pride in accomplishing the “impossible” and turning out a fantastic solution.

Another great feature of white labels from Hemp Synergistic is that your firm can profit from the most innovative technology without the expense and hassle of having to invent a fresh new product.

Did You Know?

Hemp Synergistics has separated over 100 different cannabinoids from hemp. Each is unique and can fulfill many treatments and uses for your valued customers. This means that whatever designs, formulations and ideas for a cannabinoid product or ingredients you can imagine, Hemp Synergistics has the imagination and the cannabinoid(s) needed to create the product and can apply your brand.

Are all White Label products from Hemp Synergistics 100% compliant with all legal THC limits?

Certainly! Our Remediation Team is among the cannabis industry-best services and always maintains complete compliance with ANY legal limits for THC. Our laboratory oversees all manufacturing from idea to packaged product to ensure it never goes “hot” (over the legal THC limit at any point during the process). This signifies that you and your clients can be assured of a safe, pure, and legal hemp-based product and that the purity and safety of that product is never compromised

Why Hemp Synergistics?

Most CBD products use the process of decarboxylation that converts cannabinoids to non-acidic versions. HEAT destroys acidic versions. Hemp Synergistics uses the most innovate processes possible to produce acidic cannabinoids (a raw, all-natural form) to preserve all types of CBDs to allow for virtually all types of hemp products your firm may wish to apply to your own brand.

Hemp Synergistics white label products are great for large scale food manufacturers as well as definitive scales that can accommodate single use applications of stick packs, pouches, brownies, and lemonade.

Another great feature is that you can choose to use an existing product with your label or Hemp Synergistics can work directly with your lab to create a completely new product, do the testing, ensures purity and safety and can be on store shelves nearly instantly

The unique benefits to our white label program are incorporating our purified CBD powder, delivering in valuable forms such as stick packs and two-ounce shots, in addition to even more traditional delivery systems such as tinctures, gummies, salves and creams.

Want to Know More?

Great! We invite all of your questions and ideas, whether it is an ingredient or product already in the Hemp Synergistics line up or to help you design and create your very own while label product.

Learn more about white labels: https://hempsynergistics.com/white-label-custom-formulation/

Learn more about Bio-Dri™   https://hempsynergistics.com/bio-dri-broad-spectrum-powder/