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Hemp Synergistics scientific team can not only do everything the standard services can do, but they can do them to an improved degree. Where they really shine are solving unfamiliar problems that other remediation experts can’t (or won’t) try to resolve.

Highly sought after by the giants in the cannabis space in their time of need, Hemp Synergistics’s laboratory personnel are truly the “Ninjas of Cannabis,” a label they have earned as masters of the cannabis/nano world. One thing is always true: they are eager to tackle new and unique challenges. At the core of success at Hemp Synergistics are the members of this scientific crew and that is what makes Hemp Synergistics simply the best cannabis THC remediation company in the world, bar none.

Chief Operating Officer and cannabis science wizard Ron Fazio has more experience working with legal cannabis plant matter, cannabis oil, nano and all other forms of CBD and cannabinoids in his long and illustrious career than anyone else currently commanding a laboratory in the entire cannabis field. Ron’s commitment to excellence in Hemp Technology has led the company to receive the coveted Best Hemp Technology Award.

COO Ron Fazio Hemp Authority

In the cannabis industry we’re the Lab’s Lab says Fazio proudly Our remediation team will see more complex problems and devise more unique solutions in a month than most directors will see in their entire career.”

This is a scientific crew that won’t shrink from any unique challenges; they positively thrive upon them. Time and time again they have risen to the occasion and provided insight and solutions to customer conundrums.

When other labs say, “No Way!” the science crew at Hemp Synergistics replies, “tell us it can’t be done! Not only will we get it completed on time and on budget, but we’ll also find for our customers the best and most efficient ways to do it and then integrate that solution into their SOP for all future reviews.”  There is nothing the expert remediation scientific team at Hemp Synergistics cannot accomplish when comes to cannabis and hemp and all the various forms.

The worldwide cannabis industry is overrun with a hodge-podge of conflicting, complex, and confusing tangle of laws rules, regulations, limits, and measurements that would give a Tibetan monk a headache. Yet each one need to be followed and observed without fail or suffer the consequences. Hemp Synergistics offers remediation services around the globe, truly international. They can abide by all Japanese, European, North American and all other nations can through at them through legal limits.

Even super low solvent limits can be managed down to ZERO and now the Hemp Synergistics Remediation team can even remediate pharmaceutical grade ingredients and products.

Innovative U.S.-based Hemp Synergistics is a leader in the field of THC remediation at all levels. From our manufacturing employees, researchers, scientists, and business team right up to a Fortune 100 CEO, we have decades of experience, detailed expertise, and an unparalleled dedication to get the job done right…the first time. Our goal is total customer compliance and satisfaction!

Hemp Synergistics’ THC Remediation service is the premier, high quality and cost-effective solution to staying 100% compliant…one hundred% of the time. Our innovative technology and constant process monitoring using reverse flash chromatography and other professional equipment keep your product compliant, always. We provide our valued customers the highest quality remediation service to ensure they develop only top-quality CBD with non-detectable levels of THC.

Hemp Synergistics Wins Award

Is your firm producing pure CBD? Are your “THC-free” products as THC-free as the labels are claiming? Protect your customers and follow federal guidelines to ensure their health, safety, and well-being.

Read here all about how and why Hemp Synergistics offers world-class remediation services that you can count on to safeguard your firm and your valued consumers:  https://hempsynergistics.com/thc-remediation-services/

We’re serious about all the problems and challenges cannabis oil, nano and other producers face daily. At Hemp Synergistics we see challenges as just opportunities disguised as problems. Put us to the test.

Every professional member of our staff, executives and CEO stand ready to assist you, right now!

Daniel Kohler, chairman and CEO of Hemp Synergistics, has over 30 years of experience building global industry-leading, disruptive innovated consumer packaged goods companies from organic and natural foods, dietary supplements, wellness, personal care, and cannabis and more. He and the rest of the  professional staff welcome your cannabis-related problems, issues, concerns and questions with an eye towards finding the solutions you need!

Please reach out to Hemp Synergistics Co-Founder and Managing Partner Russ Cersosimo for more information and a relaxed yet professional chat about your questions, concerns, and ideas.

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We are here to serve your cannabis needs and challenges with the type of expertise and experience you have come to expect from a world class organization.