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Recently we ran a series of informative articles on our industry-best Remediation Services. Now it’s your turn to tell us how we may assist your lab team and personnel with all their needs! Please describe your dilemma or idea so our experts can start a dialog to describe all the various possibilities.

Hemp Wizard Ron Fazio

Here are a few recent concerns brought to our attention by established cannabis firms:

As both medical and recreational marijuana are becoming legalized in so many nations, the myriad of rules and regulations regarding permitted THC limits make it nearly impossible to remediate a “one size fits all” percentage to meet everyone’s needs.

The growing demand for distillate with THC levels even lower than 0.3% has noticeably increased. These firms have been seeking answers from the Hemp Synergistics Remediation Services and are indicating that their current vendors can’t get the job done and they need to readjust their extraction methods.

Our Remediation team has already been successful in remediating distillates as low as 0.005%, a trace level unlikely to be detected with current testing methodology.

If your firm is experiencing a similar problem, we encourage you to reach out directly to our experts who can show you exactly how we can design a successful process for your company products.

Remediation is Science and Art!

Another growing concern seems to be with more efficient solvent recovery.

Innovative cannabis firms are experiencing a boom in cannabis-based product purchases by more and more sophisticated consumers looking for natural alternatives to harsh chemicals that can be found in cannabis oil, nano and other forms of CBD and other cannabinoids.

These firms are finding solvent recovery often holds the key to removing these dangerous chemicals such as ethanol and other solvents used in the remediation process and are looking for ways to become more effective in their removal.

For example, one customer is requiring solvent levels that are ten-fold below the current safe levels and legal limits, a daunting task to undertake. Hemp Synergistics Remediation Team is succeeding at this process and continue to search for better effects and inexpensive processes.

What dilemma is facing your firm when it comes to remediation? We’d love to hear about your challenges and see what possibilities can be conceived by our remediation team!

Got questions, concerns, comments? Find out why our remediation team is known as “The Lab’s Lab!”

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