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Intelligent Hemp Technology is a sometimes misunderstood term. It is simply continually finding better, faster, and more effective methods of producing quality, purity, and efficacy and to deliver the manifest benefits of hemp-based ingredients and products to consumers using the most efficient methods at the lowest cost possible.

One hundred years years ago, automobiles were individually fabricated, requiring copious amounts of time and labor. There were no standards and each car had to be individually hand manufactured to insure correct and safe operation. Replacement parts were unique to each car and custom made to order, a slow and costly process.

When the Ford Motor Company used the most Intelligent Automobile Technology of the time to create the first automobile assembly lines, it altered and changed the entire industry forever. Costs went down while quality and efficiency went up. New automobiles and their replacement parts became standardized and manufactured on mass, a blessing to consumers, mechanics, and manufacturers alike up to this very day.

Today the Intelligent Hemp Technology of 2022 is having the same game-changing effect on the cannabis industry. The purity and efficacy of hemp-based products has risen to unthought of heights by industry leaders from even 5 years ago. A perfect example of this phenomena can already on the market today.

Cannabis oil


To understand true intelligent hemp technology, it is imperative we understand the challenges presented by legacy products to CBD and hemp-based producers of consumer goods.

Problem was they could never tame the bitter taste or reduce the number of harsh chemicals used to produce the legacy product of cannabis oil. In addition, the absorption rates were never satisfactory while the precise amounts of CBD, THC and other ingredients could not be accurately measured.

Bitter taste has always dogged cannabis oil and the only solution was masking the bitter liquid under heavy sweeteners, strong flavors, chemicals, harsh ingredients, and other additives.

Cannabis oil has a limited shelf life, going rancid in a brief time span.

Cannabis is historically difficult to work with and even harder to make water soluble. To suspend cannabis oil in water requires the touch of multiple hands, higher technology, steeply increased costs and requires at least EIGHT different chemicals to emulsify into a water-soluble solution.

Cannabis oil is notoriously risky as no two distillates are the same, meaning no certainties as to the amount of THC, something that could lead to legal challenges while uncertain combinations of CBD and other cannabinoids means people with sensitive systems can be adversely affected.

Cannabis oil extracts can be concentrated up to 1.6 times that found in all-natural hemp, a minimal quantity requiring ingesting a large amount which could in turn negatively affect vulnerable people.

Current delivery systems had apparent flaws as the cannabinoid transfer system through oral consumption and the body’s organic digestion system led to an extreme loss of those cannabinoids. These exceptionally low absorption rates of 16% or less represent an unacceptable loss of efficacy.

What Represents the Best Intelligent Hemp Technology of 2022?

One innovative CBD and hemp-centric firm stepped up to take on these tough CBD challenges head on. Hemp Synergistics, a Pittsburgh area futuristic biotechnology company with a first-class laboratory and manufacturing center for CBD and hemp-related products and ingredients. This company broke the mold for CBD manufacturers by creating the best possible CBD delivery system on the planet and named it Bio-Dri™.

Let us look at how patent-pending Bio-Dri™ addresses those huge challenges presented by cannabis oil

  • Completely suspends in water, while maintaining a uniform appearance
  • Odorless and tasteless and leaves no residue, the perfect vehicle for oral medication.
  • Does not degrade and has an admirable shelf life of up to two years
  • Vegan and all-natural product, utilizing just three ingredients.
  • Concentrated, containing on average 2.5 times the amounts of cannabinoids in cannabis oil.
  • Relies on pharmaceutical and food grade extraction and manufacturing resulting in laboratory measured results ensuring specific cannabinoid and maintaining THC below the legal threshold.

But the single toughest challenge facing the scientists and researchers at Hemp Synergistics was the tremendous loss of efficacy (effectiveness) through poor absorption rates.


Bio-Dri™ provides a superior form of delivery which helps to avoid First Pass metabolism, increasing bioavailability by encapsulating the powder inside a polysaccharide shell, later released by a single stomach enzyme. This permits a near 90% absorption rate, a big leap in efficacy from a CBD delivery system unmatched in the industry today.

Instead of the traditional cannabis oil “sledgehammer” effect of trying to force substantial amounts of cannabinoids through the human digestive system, Bio-Dri™ uses a pioneering “Trojan Horse” effect to cleverly misdirect the body into thinking the consumer ingested a potato-like food that it absorbs almost unchecked to provide unheard of absorption rates.

Hemp Synergistics CBD delivery systems have changed the face (and taste) of CBD forever!

cbd trojan horse effect

New CBD Delivery with a Trojan Horse Effect!

Award Winning Intelligent Hemp Technology by Hemp Synergistics

The revolutionary Bio-Dri™ CBD powder is powerful evidence of Intelligent Hemp Technology in action.

As a result of their outstanding success in creating Bio-Dri™, Hemp Synergistics is acknowledged by scientists, researchers, customers, consumers, international cannabis advocates and even the competition as being one of the most advanced cannabis biotechnology companies in the entire cannabis industry today because of their use of revolutionary Intelligent hemp technology.

Recently Hemp Synergistics has been recognized for these massive contributions to the hemp industry.

Global Health and Pharma has bestowed their coveted Best Intelligent Hemp Technology Company 2022 honor to the world’s most innovative cannabis industry startup, Hemp Synergistics biotechnology firm.

This well-deserved honor is the result of their dedication to using these modern scientific advantages while creating a groundbreaking CBD delivery system that is taking the worldwide market by storm while their constant and consistent creation of smartly designed products and ingredients is a feather in their collective caps.

Hemp Synergistics Wins International Award

Why Does Intelligent Hemp Technology Really Matter?

Now that we understand what intelligent hemp technology represents, we need a deeper understanding of why it really matters to consumers, retail clients and producers.

Consumers benefit from the amazing CBD all-natural purity that ensures their health and safety, a water-soluble product that is tasteless and highly effective without harsh chemicals, many different delivery forms like chocolate bars, water, stick packs and more that will destigmatize the hemp-based product to appeal to mainstream consumers and provides the “entourage effect” that allows for the most effective use of each individual cannabinoid.

Retail clients benefit from a water-soluble CBD product that maintains a uniform appearance, is highly concentrated, has an extended shelf life, can produce various flexible custom formulations, offers white labels featuring their own name and logo and provides a pleasurable end user experience.

Producers benefit by having an easy-to-use ingredient that easily be added to all sorts of beverages, edibles, and foods, can capitalize on high concentrations to ensure solid economies of scale serving large industry amounts as required and is manufactured with top grade pharmaceutical and food grade extraction methods that result in exact measurements of cannabinoids while always maintaining THC below the federal limits in the process.

Read more about Hemp Synergistics’ big win of the Best Intelligent Hemp Technology Award:

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