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Hemp Synergistics recently burst onto the international scene with Ital water, a game changing CBD delivery system that has been a huge springboard for success. Ever since the triumphant launch of Ital water in the Netherlands this past April 20, the accolades have been pouring in while purchase orders have been growing exponentially, resulting in multimillion dollar sales, with more to come.

This success shows what is possible when two great organizations put their heads and ideas together to produce something greater than the sum of their parts. Hemp Synergistics and internationally recognized cannabis advocate Rinus Bentema (the Robinhood of Cannabis) literally reinvented the wheel and came out with a CBD water-soluble product that will change an entire industry.

Rinus Beintema

Rinus Beintema, the Modern Day Robinhood of Cannabis!

Ultimately, it’s the consumer who decides what really works. Just look at some of the glowing reviews!

I’ve been swallowing the Ital water day 5 ml and night 5 ml and the pain is still gone (joint pain shoulders and elbows.)” gushed  a consumer “I already have a lot of people around me who love Ital water or who are going to try it. I think it’s a great product!”

“I’m also very happy with it (Ital water). Because my friend said try that for your nerve pain. Seriously, instead of getting a shot every 3 months I’m now using Ital water. I’m a very happy person!”

“ (Ital water) Really great! I’ve had Fibromylagia for 3 weeks, nothing bothers me and during the day great fit…that’s why I also take the night during the day for a little more focus.”

These two organizations linked together to come up with the best CBD delivery system on the planet. Using just three all-natural ingredients has made this CBD much more friendly to the human body without losing effectiveness and a shocking bioavailability ten times that of legacy products. Although it seems CBD can’t be improved, Hemp Synergistics redesigned the essential building blocks to create an all-natural, vegan product that has no taste and is easy to use.

When Ford came out with a V-8 motor in 1932 it instantly revolutionized the entire automotive industry. Hemp Synergistics and Rinus Beintema also nailed exactly what the customer wanted by exceeding their expectations without losing any effectiveness, a notable accomplishment. This is American business development at its best on a world-wide scale and the results have been impressive.

Tested and approved by sophisticated consumers in the Netherlands, Ital water has also earned the ultimate stamp of approval by Rinus Bentema himself and his Suver Nuver foundation. Said Beintema This innovative product is the first of its kind and is getting better results than cannabis oil, with less than half a normal dose.All-natural vegan Ital water shows better efficacy, is taste neutral and costs less than the legacy product. Name any other new product that can make that boast!

Pride is an overused word in today’s media, but there is simply no substitute for the feeling of pride on the part of Hemp Synergistics, Rinus Beintema and Suver Nuver. Not only have they produced a world class CBD delivery system, but they have also literally changed the face (and taste!) of CBD forever.

With the success of Ital water in the Netherlands, Hemp Synergistics has the U.S. market squarely in sight. Boasting a market many times larger than the Netherlands, the potential in the U.S. is incredible.

Backed by this success and looking to expand their market share with one of the most innovative CBD delivery systems ever created, Hemp Synergistics is shaping up to be an attractive target for investors and with good reason. Learn more about these intelligent investments available right now.

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