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What exactly are “hot” hemp extracts, CBD, and other cannabinoids?

“Hot” describes any hemp-based oil, distillate or extract exceeding the federal THC limit of 0.3% at any time during the extraction process from initial separation to packaging the final product for consumers.

Should I be concerned about my firm’s product becoming “hot”?

Recently a federal appeals court ruled that hemp extracts exceeding federal THC limits at any time during the extraction process are illegal and the DEA has the authority to provide criminal penalties.

When hemp oil is extracted and processed the cannabinoid content can increase by as much as six times the original level before the oil could be diluted (remediated) back down below the 0.3% THC legal limit for hemp as delineated under the Farm Bill of 2018.

Scores of CBD manufacturers relate that during the processing they remove THC however it virtually always goes over the 0.3% THC level at least temporarily at some point during that process. When surveyed the unanimous group agreed that there is no method of which they are aware to prevent the THC levels from spiking over that volume during production.

These hemp extractors are worried about a federal crackdown over THC levels. These firms have dim prospects about receiving help from the judicial system and most feel the decision could harm all hemp operators regardless of their legitimate attempts to comply with the existing federal law.

There is an exceedingly small chance of an audit by the judiciary. Do I need to be worried?

A person can drive with a suspended license and if they do not go speeding down the road right in front of police or cause an accident, there is little chance they will be caught and face the consequences.

That’s called hope but hope doesn’t come with certainty, it is merely a suspension of that belief.

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Hope this guy doesn’t show up

For example, a growing number of industry insiders are pinning their hopes that the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration will not put much effort into enforcing its’ own 2020 rule about hemp extracts that go “hot”. Placing such lofty expectations on any government agency is risky as best, at worst a criminal offence that could result in catastrophic consequences.

In today’s super competitive corporate world of the hemp industry, responsible company executives know that clinging to hope isn’t a real answer, what is needed is certainty of compliance in the process.

The industry-best remediation services of Hemp Synergistics can provide solutions to avert this very real risk by using Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and scientific testing to ensure 100% compliance.

This allows hemp extraction firms like yours to concentrate on efficiency, creating new and better products and building a profitable business instead of constant worry that the hemp-based products and extracts that your firm produces may one day cause a suspension of operations or criminal liabilities.


Smart CEOs and others at the executive level are driven to succeed and take no chances in their pursuit of their chosen accomplishments. Much like purchasing insurance for your home or automobile to protect those assets, your firm needs a type of “insurance” to stay compliant 100% of the time.

One industry pundit somberly related “What it is (sic) is a death blow to the hemp-extraction industry.” Now while most in the cannabis field believe this ruling will not destroy their industry, they are deeply concerned that a sudden change in direction and stepped-up enforcement by the DEA could cause dire consequences to those firms caught in the middle, obviously not an attractive scenario.

In a clear statement outlining this conundrum, one industry CEO said, “The result is bad for business and will continue to be a drag on investment, research and innovation in the hemp industry.”

Rinus Beintema, Suver Nuver

“We are stuck in an insane maze of rules that no one understands.”

An International Icon speaks out!

Well known international cannabis advocate Rinus Beintema commented on government and judicial authorities in a recent interview. “More than ever before, I realize what you can do when things are legalized…We are still stuck in an insane maze of rules that no one understands.”

Often referred to as the “Robinhood of Cannabis,” Beintema is adamant that everyone needs to proceed with caution as this situation genuinely pushes the envelope. In the past he has suggested certain confusing and unfair laws, rules and regulations can be the impetus for needed changes that could be “Ideal for pushing politicians to face the facts about their half-baked regulations” stated Rinus.

Finally, Beintema cautions that the government and judiciary can suddenly change the rules in the middle of the game. This means responsible hemp company executives should work closely with a proven remediation service to be ready to adjust and stay compliant no matter what changes occur.

There exists a solution to every problem.

Do you know if your firm’s hemp extraction product is staying within the federal 0.3% THC limit throughout the entire process? Don’t take chances! Hemp Synergistics is a biotechnology firm that has developed the new standard of remediation and R&D cannabinoid testing services and is committed to staying abreast of all developments and changes so you can be confident that your extracts meet all state and federal requirements for THC levels.

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