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Introducing Ital water with Patent-Pending Bio-Dri™

Recently cutting-edge manufacturer Hemp Synergistics and Rinus Beintema, organizer of Suver Nuver foundation, celebrated the long-awaited release of Ital water, a fresh CBD-infused drink featuring the new Bio-Dri™ technology, to some 30,000 members of his various social clubs for their use and clinical testing in the Netherlands.

The brainchild of Beintema, one of the world’s leading cannabis advocates, and the folks at the advanced think tank at Hemp Synergistics, Ital water represents an amazing new delivery vehicle for hemp-based CBD that Rinus says is a gigantic leap forward and “… will change the face of the industry”.

Beintema’s fascinating story is well chronicled in the international media. He and Suver Nuver had been devising cannabis oil combinations for a number of years to help members located all over the Netherlands seeking relief from anxiety, depressed hunger and a litany of other maladies.

Problem was they could never tame the bitter taste or reduce the number of harsh chemicals used to produce the oil. In addition, the absorption rates were never satisfactory while the precise amounts of CBD, THC and other ingredients could not be accurately measured. Solutions were needed.

Judicial authorities had also dogged Rinus over his extraction of CBD from hemp, always watching for the slightest exceeding of THC in the wellness treatments in order to arrest the popular healer. Clearly solutions were needed on each of these levels and Beintema set out to find the right assistance.

Rinus literally searched the globe for the key to real world solutions for these problems. Finally, he found the solution in a faraway place called Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, halfway around the world.

Word search for CBD

A Worldwide Search Was Successful!

Enter Phil Cenedella, an indefatigable cannabis advocate in his own right. A like-minded friend of Rinus and other well-known cannabis advocates such as Tommy Chong and Steve DeAngelo among others, Phil was exactly the right source to find the solutions to the challenges presented by the legacy product of cannabis oil.

Phil had met Rinus as a result of his attendance the German Patient Roundtable, a group created by Cenedella specifically to speak in the defense of the rights of all patients. They soon discovered each was an outspoken advocate, this time for the sick and injured, and they soon formed a lifelong bond of friendship and trust.

The pair discussed challenges of producing CBDs and selection of possible partners, it soon became apparent to Phil that the most innovative hemp-related firm in the U.S. held the best answers.

Hemp Synergistics, a respected pioneer in the CBD industry, appeared to offer the most worthwhile solutions. Cenedella, long-time friend of team members in the forward-thinking firm, understood the type of talented people, commitment and the full range of capabilities this inventive organization could bring to the table. It was a match and a natural fit.

Rinus Beintema, the man affectionately known as the “Robin Hood of Cannabis”,  had finally found his new partner in solving the “triple riddle” of cannabis oil and they soon set to the task.



Rinus’ incredible knowledge with cannabis oil concentrations and combinations is amazing in itself, but when one understands his background doesn’t include a chemistry degree or experience as a clinical researcher, his progress is positively astounding. He knew that he needed the best in the business to guide him through the advanced chemistry and business side of the industry.

After exhaustive examination and consultation with Hemp Synergistics, Beintema came to the conclusion that half measures would never work. What was needed was a whole new delivery system that would be water soluble, tasteless and odorless with an excellent absorption rate and all while remaining 100% legal in the Netherlands and other locations worldwide.

Hemp Synergistics brought committed leadership, forward-thinking researchers and industry best Thought Leaders to the fray. They listened to Rinus, Suver Nuver and their members and communicated their hard-won expertise in the hemp realm, combining with Suver Nuver to transform the delivery system while conquering the problems plaguing legacy cannabis oil treatments.

The consultation alone convinced Rinus that this team was by far greater than the sum of their parts. Indeed, even the name Hemp Synergistics was appropriate and clearly illustrated a group synergy that delighted in this complex yet exciting challenge. Each brought their own specialty to form a team completely capable of conquering the problems presented by the legacy product.

CBD firm

Innovative Firm Leads The Industry

Although many people at Hemp Synergistics had a hand in the success of Ital water, it is the four unique people whose roles, input and expertise that truly stand out for their exceptional individual contributions to the entire process. they took their brainstorming to new heights from initial idea to to formulation to manufacturing to the final finished all natural product.

CEO Dan Kohler, the steady hand at the wheel, says corroboration between himself, COO Ron Fazio, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer Russ Cersosimo and VP of Sales and Brand Development Mark Mangieri were the driving force behind the company’s dedication overcoming the challenges faced by Rinus Beintema and Suver Nuver.

Dan’s mission was to mesh the right synergies of the quartet and keep their focus and priorities, Mark’s distinguished background with food design and Ron’s chemistry and biology CBD expertise complemented each other perfectly while Russ’ vision and deep knowledge of how hemp and its’ cannabinoids could benefit people, coupled with great enthusiasm, brought high energy to all four.

Beintema realized that he needed to adjust his thinking, identify the problems and find the right solutions.  Clearly, a new delivery system was needed and Hemp Synergistics did not disappoint.



Over a hundred years ago Henry Ford changed how the world thought about transportation. He didn’t need to reinvent the wheel, he used new ideas and modern technology to provide a product that revolutionized transportation. Like Ford, the team at Hemp Synergistics already had a workable solution in hand that provided everything the customer required. What was needed was to find a way to adapt its’ use as specified by Rinus himself while benefitting all his loyal Suver Nuver members in both efficacy and reasonable cost.

Like most “overnight” successes the real solution to the delivery system problems had come from inspiration, years of study, trial and error and plain old hands-on hard work by the dedicated team at Hemp Synergistics. They had eventually researched, designed, tested and reviewed tremendous amounts of information and scientific trials to finally come up with a world changing all-natural product called Bio-Dri™, a patent-pending CBD delivery system unlike any other, an industry first.

CBD Bio-Dri

All-natural Bio-Dri™ in pure powder form with neutral taste, affordable, perfect for drinks and edibles

Although they did have an effective product that could do the job, the inventive team still needed to adapt this cutting edge product to the needs of Rinus and Suver Nuver members while remaining affordable and staying within the boundaries of the law. The gauntlet had been thrown down and the enthusiastic think tank team picked up the challenge!

The team listened to Rinus as he outlined his own research and described what a “perfect” solution would look like. The innovative group at Hemp Synergistics did what they do best, solving problems and helping consumers with the best possible outcomes. With each passing day the team gained more credibility with the famed cannabis advocate and his own team of researchers and scientists. They contemplated their approach, probed solutions, looked for the key and realized that Bio-Dri™ represented the best delivery system available for this specific client’s needs.

This advanced hemp firm used their passion to brainstorm and explore new avenues with their experienced partners at Super Nuver without ever losing sight of the goal. Using a famed mantra that “Failure is never an option”, the resourceful group experimented and tested to the point of pushing the envelope. They made real progress through trial and error, tried untold combinations within “the guide rails” of the product on the way to finding an ingenious method that would eventually be successful.

Beintema began to see that Hemp Synergistics was more than just a company good at product research, clinical testing, producing successful products and white labels, they were a group on a mission to break new ground to find relief for real people who suffer every day. This is a firm with a heart.

Rinus also had to learn the business side of things: customer approval, lower costs, member affordability, even the attractiveness of the label would be important in delivering a product on a mass scale. His experience with Hemp Synergistics convinced him that he was in good hands to guide him through what would be an arduous and complex process to ultimately produce Ital water.




Cannabis is historically difficult to work with and even harder to make water soluble, much less provide an exact amount of CBD and cannabinoids. To suspend cannabis oil in water requires the touch of many hands, excessive amounts of BTUs, lots of technology, steeply increased costs, EIGHT different chemicals to emulsify and includes other drawbacks and conditions to be met.

Cannabis oil is notoriously risky as no two distillates are exactly the same, meaning no certainties as to the amount of THC, something that could lead to legal challenges for shipping, packaging and sales while uncertain combinations of CBD and other cannabinoids means some people with sensitive systems could be adversely affected.

Bitter taste has dogged cannabis oil for decades and the only solution to the condition was masking the bitter liquid under heavy sweeteners, strong flavors and other additives. This makes for difficulty in creating beverages and edibles without additives that change the taste. In addition, cannabis oil has a limited shelf life, going rancid in a relatively short time span.

Cannabis oil extracts could be concentrated as much as 1.6 times that found in all-natural hemp, a minimal quantity requiring ingesting a large amount which could, in turn, negatively affect sensitive endocannabinoid systems in vulnerable people. The first mission of any CBD delivery system will always be the safeguarding of those who use the wellness treatment.

The current delivery system has some apparent flaws as the cannabinoid transfer system through oral consumption and the body’s organic digestion system led to an extreme loss of those cannabinoids. These very low absorption rates of 16% or less represent an unacceptable loss of efficacy that had to be overcome. Eventually the Hemp Synergistics team settled each of the various challenges until an all-natural, efficient, affordable and effective solution emerged that resolved and satisfied every condition set down by the customer.

Innovative Scientific Discoveries


Bio-Dri™ is a totally vegan and all-natural product, utilizing just three ingredients.

Bio-Dri™ completely suspends in water, maintains a uniform appearance, doesn’t degrade and has an admirable shelf life of up to two years, far surpassing legacy cannabis oil formulations.

Bio-Dri™ relies on pharmaceutical and food grade extraction and manufacturing resulting in laboratory measured results ensuring specific cannabinoids while nearly eliminating THC.

Bio-Dri™ is odorless and tasteless and leaves no residue, the perfect vehicle for oral medication whether through edibles or beverages.

Bio-Dri™ is highly-concentrated, containing on average 2.5 times the amounts of cannabinoids found in cannabis oil.



Bio-Dri™ provides a superior form of delivery which helps to avoid First Pass metabolism, increasing bioavailability by encapsulating the powder inside a polysaccharide shell, later to be cracked open by a single stomach enzyme. This permits a near 90% absorption rate, a big leap in efficacy from a delivery system unmatched in the industry today.

Instead of the traditional cannabis oil “sledgehammer” effect of trying to force large amounts of cannabinoids through the digestive system, Bio-Dri™ uses a pioneering “Trojan Horse” effect. When ingested orally whether through capsules, edibles or beverages, this specially created delivery system permits the body’s digestive system to freely pass CBD and other cannabinoids in a potato-like food. The results are amazing as the CBDs are almost completely absorbed, meaning the end user ingests less of the product while receiving nearly all the effects through the GI system.


Bio-Dri™ CBD Delivery System Uses Truly Effective Trojan Horse Effect!

Part 5

Hemp Synergistics’ Bio-Dri™ IS THE ALL-NATURAL SOLUTION

The worldwide debut of Ital water on April 20, 2022 (4/20) was a smash success, particularly with member associations.  Rinus Beintema, Suver Nuver and Hemp Synergistics are all extremely delighted to introduce such an exciting new water-based CBD delivery system and see an unlimited future for this type of product. Their standardized composition of Ital water is an impressive industry first.

With the addition of all-natural and vegan Bio-Dri™ technology, Ital water has become a reality. For the very first time a CBD-infused wellness drink with an impressively neutral taste, lengthy shelf life, effective delivery and excellent efficacy is publicly available in an easy-to-use  and affordable application for the consumer.

The Rastafarian faith calls their vegetarian diet Ital food as it is based on all natural foods that promote positive digestion, good health and long life. All-natural Ital water is the perfect complementary wellness drink to your diet or just by itself.

Daytime Ital Water Wellness Drink

cbd, ital water

Nighttime Ital Water Wellness Drink

What is this new formula?

All-natural Bio-Dri™ formula is a patent-pending breakthrough in CBD delivery techniques so it’s exact formula and production methods remain confidential. This product represents years of  work in design, scientific testing and consumer reviews.

How is the new product made?

The patent-pending Bio-Dri™ is a result of combining cutting-edge chemistry with ultra-modern food design using the most revolutionary technology available in the hemp industry today. This taste and odor free powdered product is carefully formulated to strict scientific standards, manufactured with great attention to detail and consistently tested to provide complete consumer safety.

Where is it manufactured?

Bio-Dri™ is produced in the Hemp Synergistics FDA-registered facility under cGMP regulations, certified for dietary supplements 21 CFR 111 and certified organic in a spotless ultra-modern pharmaceutical grade manufacturing location near Pittsburgh, Pa.

Is this a medical product?

Bio-Dri™ is a visionary creation, designed and manufactured to the highest standards found in the hemp industry today. It is both effective and efficient, delivers a superior product, is designed to address ingredient drawbacks and is ultimately geared towards business success as a more efficient and lower cost consumer product.

Rinus and Hemp Synergistics are emphatic that Ital water is a wellness drink, not a “miracle cure” or medically proven remedy and each individual may react differently depending upon their needs and physical condition and that their own doctor’s input is extremely important in deciding upon its’ use for each individual.

Is this new product legal in the U.S. and Europe?

Bio-Dri™ is 100% legal in those countries and states where limits on THC content are .05% or less.

Hemp Synergistics understands the need for a 100% legal product for transport and customs passage and to guarantee the protection of every customer, a paramount obligation.

Read additional information about Ital water internet search engines such as Google can provide a wealth of information and testing results about hemp, CBD, cannabinoids and much more.

If you have an idea or formulation for a new product with Bio-Dri  the professionals at Hemp Synergistics can help bring your product to life!

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