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—Dateline: Pittsburgh, PA April 20, 2022—

Hemp Synergistics, a leader in the cannabis industry, announced today they have joined forces with Rinus Beintema, one of Europe’s most recognized medical cannabis proponents, to deliver long sought relief by providing ground breaking hemp-infused treatments for thousands of sufferers.

Over the past year Hemp Synergistics, a cutting-edge laboratory and manufacturer, has been working hand in hand with well-known cannabis legalization advocate Rinus Beintema and his non-profit group Suver Nuver to develop a water-based and 100% legal heir to cannabis oil.

In a salute to long-time hemp legalization proponents, the new water treatments called Ital water will debut in the Netherlands on aptly designated April 20 (4/20). Beintema’s birthday happens to fall on April 19, so he views the release of this CBD-infused water in his home country to be the best possible birthday present, he indicated with a wink and a mischievous smile.

Rinus also wants to make a point that cannot be lost on observers by stating Of course I’m also going to use this new way of legally importing THC to put politicians to shame.”

One of the most vociferous advocates of cannabis legalization Europe, Beintema has waged a decades long battle with authorities, with the sole purpose of helping people receive the best possible all-natural relief from debilitating diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Suver Nuver has endured years of political and judicial attempts to shut down humanitarian efforts to distribute cannabis oil to the many thousands of pain and symptom sufferers in the Netherlands and other countries while Rinus has been searching for alternatives through legal loopholes.

Rinus, often referred to as the “Robin Hood of cannabis” for his selfless work and personal sacrifices, has been on a mission to change hearts and minds about the benefits of hemp for years.

Suver Nuver Faces a Dilemma

Beintema has long been familiar with regulations for CBD products legally sold in the Netherlands and he recognized a change was needed in order to consistently remain within the law,

The maximum THC percentage for CBD products is 0.05, considerably lower than the 0.2 percent in the rest of Europe. Naturally Rinus needed a treatment of 0.5 percent to maintain compliance.

Suver Nuver cannabis oil contains 1% THC overall including 100 milligrams of THC dissolved in 10 milliliters of MCT oil (fractionated coconut oil). Dissolve that same 100 milligrams of THC in a twenty times greater amount of oil, 200 milliliters, then  the final product is legal at up to 0.05 percent THC.

200 milliliters of this oil would be too excessive to be consumed without harsh side effects to the patient and so another form was needed to keep amounts to a minimum without sacrificing effectiveness. Water-based was clearly the obvious answer yet another obstacle remained.

As cannabinoids dissolve in fat but not water, H2O was the desired liquid and the problem then was quite clear. How to make affordable, safe and effective “cannabis water” that works just as well as the original oil-based solution.

Trojan Horse Effect


New CBD Delivery with a Trojan Horse Effect!

Rinus realized he needed help to solve this problem. His world-wide search for the answer led him to Hemp Synergistics, a Pittsburgh-based biotechnology company that specializes in extracting, isolating, and standardizing the active molecules in hemp. The Farm Act of 2018 made hemp totally legal in the U.S., hence allowing the company to research, experiment and produce openly.

The company first needed to improve the absorption of these substances, called ‘bioavailability‘, by preventing the body from breaking them down. They solved this problem by encapsulating the active hemp molecules in a polysaccharide, causing a “Trojan Horse Effect” of allowing the body to pass these substances almost untouched by destructive enzymes to provide an outstanding absorption rate. This increased the effect sharply so that the patient needs much less of the product to receive the same outcome.

Although Beintema was convicted for distribution of full spectrum cannabis oil by Suver Nuver in 2021, he received no jail time and was released. The presiding judge actually stated that Bientema “…has shown social commitment, and did not do this for his own benefit”.  Since then, Rinus has needed to be extraordinarily careful to stay within all European legal THC limits as he has been under the watchful eyes of a judiciary seemingly bent on stopping his humanitarian mission.

The judge’s main objection was Suver Nuver could not guarantee exact THC content of the cannabis oil and so Rinus was searching for an alternative delivery system guaranteed to comply.

Hemp Synergistics went to work in their state-of-the-art laboratory to reproduce the cannabis oil formulas of Suver Nuver as precisely as possible in powder form using industrial hemp. Always mindful of producing a final product that must absolutely fall within the legal 0.05% THC content to protect Rinus and Suver Nuver, the dedicated Hemp Synergistics team performed admirably.

Hemp Synergistics Meets the Challenge

To begin his clinical trials with the new water product, Rinus wanted to test it with 300 Super Nuver members, and needed to be sure it would pass customs in the Netherlands. In the fall of 2021, he ordered 100 liters from Hemp Synergistics. While Customs initially balked, eventually they were forced to admit it was compliant with regulations and permitted its entry into the country.

3 different formulas with various cannabinoid ratios were used for the test phase. Rinus was ecstatic over the results. Almost 70% of participants reported the same or better effect from water-based versus oil-based product, an amazing result considering the hefty reduction in amount consumed.

Phil Cenedella, Director, International Sales for Hemp Synergistics and active in the California medical cannabis movement for decades. considers Rinus Europe’s most important and effective activist for medicinal cannabis and sees a great future for this new water-based dosage form.
Because of the improved bio availability and the Trojan Horse effect, it is more effective and you need less product for the same effect” said Cenedella.

In March 2022 Rinus placed  a second order with Hemp Synergistics: with the corresponding increase of twenty-five times the size of the initial order. Beintema was delighted with the results and is satisfied enough that Suver Nuver has greatly increased their requisition in anticipation of demand.

Hemp Synergistics Responds

Mark Mangieri, formulations expert at Hemp Synergistics, believes these improvements in producing lipophilic substances, which naturally  dissolve in fat, are now soluble in water and this bioavailability will provide immense benefits in other areas of medicine.

Dan Kohler, CEO of Hemp Synergistics, proudly stated “We are thrilled to partner with Rinus and we share his passion for patients and their overall wellness. The synergies between Rinus and us are boundless and we embrace our continued collaboration on product development for the good of all his patients now, and in the future.”

An Improved Treatment Emerges

cbd, ital water

Ital Water is the Best CBD Delivery System

The Rastafarian faith calls their vegetarian diet Ital food and Rinus deliberately named this new product Ital water to signify his faith and help others recognize its’ incredible value to all humans.

Kicking off on April 20, ital water will be available to all thirty thousand Suver Nuver members.

Beintema is ready to distribute the new product throughout Europe; his contacts with patient associations saying they are already clamoring for this new treatment.
Rinus: “I really believe that this is the next product, better than the oils we have been working with for the last six years.”

Hemp Synergistic co-founder Russ Cersosimo has every confidence in Ital water and the faith it will exceed all expectations while staying within legal compliance around the world.
Cersosimo declared “We are able to make specific standardized compositions that are the same every time, like McDonalds makes hamburgers.”

“An Insane Maze of Rules”

Rinus also sees this new product as just another episode in his fight to legalize cannabis.

Ital water is “Ideal for pushing politicians to face the facts about their half-baked regulations” said Beintema, stating with a wry smile  “Of course I’m going to use this new way of legally importing THC into Europe to put the politicians on notice.

Rinus is adamant that he does not violate Dutch or other European country rules and laws and hopes that his long odyssey of searching for solutions will help change the legal process forever.

Rinus is also prepared for the government and judiciary to realize that his methods are compliant and to suddenly change the rules in the middle of the game and so he is prepared to have the new product delivered to Germany or one of the other nearby nations. He is unequivocally determined to bring these effective all-natural treatments to the thousands of patients in dire need of relief.

Finally, Beintema revealed that the creation of Ital water has been a great learning process, stating: “More than ever before, I realize what you can do when things are legalized and you can experiment legally. That’s so innovative to me, but also depressing. We are still stuck in an insane maze of rules that no one understands.”

Rinus Beintema

Rinus Beintema, Robin Hood of Cannabis!