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Need some help relaxing? Allison Bentley hopes Lily + Rein — a new CBD-infused line of bath, body and wellness products — can help.

Ms. Bentley launched the brand less than two months ago with Hemp Synergistics. The biotechnology company, headquartered in Leetsdale, Pa., specializes in creating hemp-based ingredients and consumer products that are free of THC, the principal psychoactive component in cannabis. Product quality is tested in third-party labs, and reports can be viewed online.

Ms. Bentley moved to Pittsburgh from the West Coast to work with the company. Previously, she was an executive with Zappos.com and directed the women’s fashion division.

“I was craving more growth personally and professionally when it comes to doing something to improve people’s lives,” she said.

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She was new to CBD products before joining Hemp Synergistics earlier this year as vice president of sales, marketing and merchandising, but she found the research she did on the industry “invigorating.”

“The positive effects of CBD are having on people’s lives is improving their overall wellness,” she said, noting that market research shows that about 57% of CBD product consumers are women.

Part of what separates Lily + Rein from other CBD-infused product lines is that it’s female focused. Some others on the market “aren’t sophisticated,” Ms. Bentley says. “They had hemp leaves all over them or were more full spectrum,” meaning that they could contain trace amounts of THC.

Lily + Rein, which means “pure flower” in German, embraces sleek packaging and popular scents, including lavender and rose. Its initial products were inspired by things a lot of women already use, such as bath bombs and body butters.

“There is a big void in educating consumers [about CBD], so this will provide them with a great entry point for including CBD into their daily routine,” Ms. Bentley said.

One of her favorite products is the CBD drops with elderberry, which some claim has properties that can help support the immune system.

“They taste so good. It helps me get a more restful sleep,” Ms. Bentley said. “It’s not an overnight change, but over time I realized that I’m getting a solid six hours of sleep.”

Affordability is key to Lily + Rein, too. Products start at $12 and range up to $98 for a starter collection with multiple items.

Her goal for the next few months is to focus on brand awareness. She’d also like to add more beauty items to the mix. For now, products are available online at lilyrein.com, but she’s open to partnering with retailers to sell Lily + Rein products in stores.

“And we want to hear from our customers,” she said. “What do they want to see, and how do they want to incorporate this into their daily lives?”

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