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Leetsdale-based Hemp Synergistics, a biotechnology company the extracts and manufacturers hemp products, announced the launch of its first two direct-to- consumer retail lines of CBD products as well as a partnership with another company to create wellness water and tea products.

The company’s Pure Synergistics product line aims to provide aid to those who are combating chronic ailments such as inflammation, pain and anxiety. Options for consumers of this product line include vegan CBD gummies, hemp capsules, recovery balm and CBD tincture.

Lily + Rein, the company’s female-focused product line, is aimed at first-time users who may be looking to use the touted benefits of CBD for the first time and in their everyday lives. Product options will include soap, CBD drops, CBD body butter and CBD gummy bears.

Both product lines, like all goods produced by Hemp Synergistics, will be free of THC, the cannabinoid associated with creating the “high” feeling found in marijuana-based products.

“In a market plagued with gas station products of questionable quality, we’re thrilled to provide intelligent CBD products that combine our industry expertise, the cutting-edge formulation process mastered by our scientists, and consumer insights filtered through the lenses of our nutraceutical executives and partners,” Daniel Kohler, Hemp Synergistics’ CEO, said in a release announcing the new products.

Hemp Synergistics also announced a partnership with Medicinal Cannabis of America to launch Canabix, a patent-pending CBD and probiotic wellness water and tea product. The drink will come in three flavors: lemon cucumber, dragon fruit and peach tea.

The company said it sources all its hemp products from the U.S., some of which it said comes from Pennsylvania Amish farms.

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Hemp Synergistics announced the launch of its first direct-to-consumer product lines aimed at CBD users and novices alike – Pittsburgh Business Times